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Homosexuality: A Biblical Discussion

A few years ago I wrote a series of posts addressing what the Bible Teaches on Homosexuality. I wanted to make them readily available on one page. Below are the links to each of the articles.  These posts have been updated and edited as a booklet as well that is available on Amazon or you can email me directly for orders of 5 or more (preacherwesley at

What Does Creation teach?

The sin of Sodom

The Abomination Passages

What Does Romans 1:24-27 Teach

What does 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 teach?

What did Jesus say about it?

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Personal Evangelism Guides

I wanted to share with you all a series of evangelistic studies I’ve developed to helped people in their journey to faith in Christ.  This is not the only method, but I have found them useful. I am currently working on a presentation for another method that I use more often now.

Click the links to get the guides to each lesson. The first link is the handout that I have used while studying, while the second link is an explanation (unedited) on how to use the handout.

1. Handout: WhoIsJesus Explanation: Who Is Jesus

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We all know gossip is bad.  In Romans 1, Paul lists a variety of sins that condemn people. In this list with sexual sins, murder, and others, he also includes gossip. But what exactly is gossip?

Not everything you say negative about someone else is gossip. There are times when it is okay to warn someone of another person’s character, or to go to others for advice on how to help someone.  We recognize that Jesus warned his disciples of certain people.  For instance, he told them to avoid the influence of the Scribes and Pharisees (Mark 8:15).  Paul names Alexander the coppersmith as someone who did him much harm (2 Timothy 4:14). So how do we define gossip? The truth is it is not easy to define.

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Women in Combat: A Christian’s Thoughts

For years now in the United States we have allowed women to serve in the military. As warfare has evolved many of these women found themselves in combat situations. However, the official policy of the military was that women would not be allowed to serve in direct combat. This policy changed today. Some view this as a great victory for equality. Women are now no longer limited in how they will serve their country. Others claim this will result in the military lacking effectiveness.

I want to share with you today my thoughts on this issue. These are the thoughts of a Christian trying to think through the issues of our day.

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What is a Child?

55,875,00. Let that number sink into your mind for a moment. 55,875,000. By comparison the number of lives lost in every conflict the United States of America has been involved in, including the Civil War, is roughly 1.4 million. The Holocaust, which is considered the greatest tragedy of this century, claimed the lives of 5.8 million. 55,875,000 is 10 times that number.

55,875,000 is the number of children aborted in the 40 years since Roe vs. Wade was decided. This decision legalized abortion and sanctioned the killing of children in the womb. Sadly, 55,875,000 is not a static number. It grows by around 1.2 million people a year. This fact means that by the time I am 67 there will be over 110,000,000 killings by abortion in this country. Or to put it another way, 100 times more killings by abortion in this country than casualties of war.

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