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SYBO exists to heWesley Walker-101lp people develop a love for Scripture that will lead them to a more fervent love for God.

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This excerpt from a recent post might shed more light onto the website:

Let’s be honest.  There are few regular Bible readers.  Let’s be more honest many people who are regular Bible readers are not careful readers.  We have been taught in Bible study to simply read until something inspires us and be done.  This sounds great and even spiritual, but is this really doing justice to the word of God.  Is the word of God really  just there for us to read, find something thought provoking, and move on.  I say no!

If we believe the Bible is God’s word.  That it is the message of God to His people then it deserves more respect than that.  It deserves our careful attention, our meditation, and a close reading.  It deserves us putting our best efforts into understanding this communication.  This is the main reason I started this website.  I think we need to return to careful Bible Study. We need to be diligent enough to dedicate ourselves to His word.

This seriousness means practicing intentionally good Bible study habits.  It means investigating books of the Bible not isolated verses.  It means allowing God’s Word to lead wherever it may take us and not to force ourselves upon the text.  It means that when we do topical studies that we are honest with what the Scriptures say on the subject and that we do not rip texts from their appropriate contexts.

Let me be blunt: bad Bible Study makes me sick.  I want to help people be better students of God’s Word.  Not so they can improve their knowledge base, but so people can have a true relationship with God.  I want people to be convinced there is a God, His word is true, and that His Son was raised.  This is why I write apologetics.  I want people to better understand every book of the Bible in its context.  This is why we do a book by book study.  I want people to know what the Scriptures teach on important subjects.  This is why I do topical studies.  I want people to develop a deeper, committed relationship with God.  This is why we include devotionals.  I want people to feel free to ask Christians and interact.  This is why I love comments.

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  1. Ah! So your a random guy who made this website? Look, buddy, I’m glad you love God as much as I do, but once again, its not your place to choose what we should and shouldn’t watch. The key point is when you watch a movie, you shouldn’t let it cause you to do what they did in real life. There IS a difference between fictional and real life. It was made to entertain. NOT to cause US to sin.

  2. Wesley

    June 29, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    Mollie the movie article was not written by me personally, but by one of my writers. If you look closely, in fact, both sides of the issue are discussed.

  3. Good articles,what I have read, Wesley. As for Mollie’s comment, what we put into our brain is who we are. An old computer geek once said “garbage in, garbage out.” That applies to the type of entertainment in which we partake. You cannot step in manure without getting stink on you!

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