I was unable to write the last post on the ontological argument to my satisfaction.  Some understood the point, but I’m afraid others did not.  Not because of a lack of intellect on their part, but because of my inability to make my thoughts clear (If you want to read the post you can here).

The beauty of the different arguments for God’s existence (see the apologetics tab) is that there is more than one way to make the argument.  The same is true for the ontological argument.  Let me make the ontological argument in another way.

Every person has a sense of wonderment within them.  Civilizations across time and geography have had some view of a higher being.  It might be the Christian God, could be Allah, Brahma, or others.  But people have a belief in a higher being.

In fact even in largely secular countries there is a new found interest in the spiritual.  Now as a Christian I do not buy into the views of the New Age movement, but once again it reminds us of the search within man.  This search that leads man to conclude that there is something larger out there. It seems that within man there is an innate belief in a transcendent being.

So the question that has to be answered is: Where did the belief come from?  To the Christian the answer is God revealed Himself to our forefathers and placed a sense of wonderment in our hearts.  The atheist has to come up with some theory to explain the phenomenon.  We will discuss (and refute) their theory in the next post.

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