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Do only dumb people believe in God?

As I checked into my Twitter account on Tuesday, I saw a tweet that linked to a story about a 17 year old “HERO.” After clicking on the link, I found that the boy was being applauded for his efforts to stop the teaching of creationism in Louisiana schools. In 2008, the state passed a law that, according to the article, “permits creationism to creep into the public schools under the cover of scientific openness.” He decided that it was simply unacceptable for schools to teach creation. As he put it, “If you reject evolution, you reject all of science.”

The world has made itself very clear over the centuries – religion is a fantasy made up by stupid, insecure people. They tell us that God is like our Santa Claus in the sky. It’s all just a figment of our imagination because we don’t want to think hard enough to deny God’s existence. After all, the smart people don’t believe in God. All the scientists and Ph.D. holders don’t believe in God, right? Self-important college professors challenge students who stick to their belief in a Divine Being by using practiced rhetoric to belittle the students for disagreeing with “the obvious.” Because only stupid people believe in God, right?

Intellectual elitism has run amok in the world of research and academia. Professors, scientists, doctors, and other “intellectuals” look down on people like me because of our narrow-mindedness. They roll their eyes at people who put any stock in the Bible. They snort when they see someone bow their head to pray. Basically, they do everything in their power to make us look like idiots. One would have to wonder if Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Nicholas Copernicus, Sir Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes, Gregor Mendel, and Albert Einstein (in short, the greatest minds of the last half-century) would brow-beat and belittle modern scientists for their lack of belief in God.

Today’s scientists base their work entirely on the foundation laid by those men, and yet somehow we’re stupid for believing in the same God that those legends believed in. If we’re keeping score, I think Newton (the smartest person to walk the earth since Jesus, in my opinion) is probably a little bit smarter than today’s “intellectuals” who just “can’t suffer the ignorance of people who believe in God.” Intellectual elitism is nothing more than a cover-up of a lack of argumentation. When it comes down to it, scientists can’t give any dates for sure. They can’t tell us where the matter involved in the big bang originated. They can’t explain how something as complex as the human brain could be developed naturally from a cosmic accident. They can’t tell us how a single-celled organism could suddenly start adding organs and bones and intelligence. But that doesn’t deter them – they just yell louder and belittle us all the more.

God exists. Just pointing to “smart people” as a reason to drop my belief in God is not sufficient. The 17 year old labeled as a “HERO” is not standing up to anything. He’s simply believing the lie that has been fed to us for decades, that only stupid people believe in God and creation. Not only can I smarter point to people who also believed in God, I can point to a world that is completely inexplicable apart from Divine design. Just saying “I’m smarter than you, so I’m right” doesn’t hold up anymore. It’s time the scientific world started backing up what they say.




  1. Except that they do not simply say “I are smarter than you, so I am right.”

    The theory of evolution has more evidence than any other theory in science. It has more than the theory of gravity, yet I do not see people ranting that it must be god keeping everything from floating off the Earth. What bothers you about evolution is you feel it takes god out of the equation. However, there is nothing in the theory that says there is no god. many Christians accept that god created life and uses evolution as the process.

  2. Actually, gravity is a scientific law, not a theory.

  3. Wesley

    March 24, 2011 at 5:51 pm


    I understand many both believe and evolution and believe in God. However, you cannot deny that the theory of Evolution is, by a good number of people, used to argue that there is no God.

  4. This is my problem with the public school system. I was taught the “theory” of evolution for several years. I was told that it was only a theory but nothing else was taught. I can not ever remember being taught anything about creation in the public school system. The result was I had pretty much accepted that it was the only reasonable way that we came to be. Sadly the denomination that I attended, regularly, the Methodist, never spent any time teaching anything about creation. They told us that was how it was but never with any proof. It was only last year when I was curious that I found there are facts supporting it, (as if the word of God wasn’t enough, and it is). My main point is that I had acctually thought I only needed to somewhat believe the word of God cause it couldn’t be all accurate. I was wrong. Further more if the public schools teach my kids in this manner I am sinning because I am allowing a stumbling block.

  5. evolution is a fairy tale for adults. that’s what you believe when you don’t want to be accountable to our creator. i have news. you don’t have to believe in gravity, but go jump off a building and see what happens. when you look at a painting you conclude a painter painted it. when you look at creation you conclude a creator created it(romans 1).

  6. There are problems on both sides of the fence from a human standpoint. The Word of God and TRUE SCIENCE go hand in hand. Where the Christians miss it is in the area of not knowing what the Bible really says, yet they try to argue with true science. That is just as foolish as some so-called scientific mind trying to discredit God’s Word. You cannot tell me the Designer is not smart enough to explain what He designed. It’s a matter of knowing what is between those holy pages.

  7. Those who say “there is no God” ignore the evidence of a Creator all around us. As Romans 1:20-22 says, “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even the eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise they became fools”

  8. I have studied the theory of evolution for the past year and i was actually suprised at the little evidence supporting this. If this theory was true one has to wonder why we cant see this process still taking place? There are way to many missing links. I was shocked to find out that we share 70% of our DNA with sea sponges. This argument about DNA use to be a big argument for the link between Humans and there common “ancestor”. Sorry guy”s but MYTH BUSTED. Everything points to a COMMON CREATOR!

  9. It is the height of ignorance to say a book written by sheep herders 2000 years ago was the word of god. Them claim that the evidence for evolution is incomplete . Of course it’s incomplete . Science takes new information and adjust it’s theories. Unlike Christianity which uses the opposite strategy . Squeeze jam cajole ignore and lie about new information which contradicts your delusion.There are 3000 gods created by man. Which one is correct/ Answer non of them

  10. Re Daniel: (There are 3000 gods created by man. Which one is correct/ Answer non of them)
    The answer is the one man did not create.
    1) Everything that begins to exist has a cause
    2) The universe began to exist
    3) Therefore the universe has a cause
    4) It is either due to -Physical necessity, chance or design
    5) It is not due to Physical necessity or chance it is due to design.
    6) Therefore GOD exists
    Study it and you will find the answer.

  11. the brilliant founders of this country believed in god because they didnt have the scientific knowledge that we have today. Im sure if they were alive today their opinions would change. imagine 1000 years from now what people will think as religion (the cause for the most deaths worldwide) falls. god is no more than santa clause and thats how it appears to me to stay until someone can show me some proof of this “big magic man in the sky”.

  12. @ Jack Wilkie
    actually gravity is described in Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, which is quite obvious a theory and not a law. Regardless, the term theory and law do not describe the correctness of said description. Rather a law describes directly observable phenomena, and a theory is a set of beliefs that unify some domain of phenomena.

  13. Muir, learn science, and add a little history to that while you’re at it. There was never a question that evolution took place; Darwin modeled his theory off of the well-known practice of breeding dogs to have certain traits. The question was of whether that could happen without the intentional selection of traits that was done to dogs, and Darwin’s contribution was to discover the mechanism by which nature could perform the selection that humans did.

    While you’re at it, you might as well also learn logic. Your argument for the existence of a god has been shot to death for centuries, so familiarize yourself with the state of the art before making such arguments in a public forum. To summarize: the argument leaves open the very-valid question of where such a god would come from, and even if it could be demonstrated that a god would be necessary for the universe to be as it is, there’s nothing whatsoever that says it would have to be the god you believe in. Zeus could just as easily be responsible… but I guess that doesn’t faze a religion whose god is actually an amalgam of lots of different gods in the first place.

  14. To Ian:
    1) Everything that begins to exist has a cause

    6) Therefore GOD exists

    Then what caused your god to exist? This question demonstrates that your logic is flawed and proves absolutely nothing. If one answers “god always existed” then that is a completely separate statement not backed up at all by your reasoning. In other words, your logic is completely invalid.

  15. Not only dumb people believe in god, but only ignorant people do.

    Also, evolution is a scientific fact. That is to say that, it is a fact that evolution occurred. The theory of evolution is a theory that deals with the mechanisms of evolution. Our understanding of that itself may evolve over time, but that evolution occurred is a fact. There is no doubt about it whatsoever. Just like the theory of gravitation doesn’t mean that people aren’t sure that gravity exists. The theory is about the details not about whether or not it exists.

  16. Wesley

    May 9, 2012 at 10:37 am

    Thanks for reading. I run this site, but this post was not by me. I have a whole section of the website, which deals with the existence of God. You can find those articles by beginning here.


  17. Wesley

    May 9, 2012 at 10:38 am

    It appears you are stating too much. That mirco-evolution occurs is a fact (i.e. that we do see changes within kinds). However, marco-evolution has not been observed and therefore is not fact.


  18. Utterly fail arguments made by religious people as usual

    “The Universe exists, therefore God exists”

    Then who created God

    You try to claim that The Universe needs a meaning

    Then you run away when asked to explain who created your God.


    This is the very reason “God” does not exist.

    Because it would create an infinite loop.


    There is no God, go back to school, weirdos.

  19. Evolution is merely a Theory; that is why it is labeled so. And it is a theory inadequately supported at best. The fact is that evolution contradicts itself. Darwin described evolution as “descent with modification.” That is, complex creatures evolve from more simplistic ancestors naturally over time, through natural selection. However, natural selection only deals with the genes that are already present in a population. It merely causes a certain allele to become more prominent within a certain population. This is known as micro-evolution. However, natural selection cannot create new alleles. Scientists say that new alleles, which bring about evolutionary adaptations/changes, are caused by mutations. But then they also say that 99% of mutations are harmful, harmful meaning deadly, which means little chance of reproduction. Furthermore, nearly all mutations occur in somatic cells, which do not get passed onto offspring. The only way a mutation can get passed on is if it occurs in the gametes. On top of this, the mutation rate in plants and animals is 1/100,000. Conclusively, the chance of a mutation occurring in the gametes AND the organism surviving to pass the mutation onto its offspring is very very slim. Yet, this is supposedly the cause of all the thousands of different varieties of plants and animals on the earth. How many mutations would this entail? Even if the earth was 4 billion years old, which the Bible does not disclaim, that would not even be enough time for all of the mutations that would need to occur in order to produce the thousands upon thousands of varying species to spontaneously come about. Picture a trilobite. Now how many mutations do you think that would need to have in order to produce a creature such as yourself, not to mention the thousands of intermediate species in between. Macro-evolution is impossible. Evolution is impossible. Creation is the only answer to how life got started on earth. God created it. And to answer your question, Nai, on what caused our God to exist is simply that God has always been and never was created, similar to the law of conservation of energy or the first law of thermodynamics, which state that energy may neither be created nor destroyed. Let’s turn that question around on you. How was energy “created?” What created the energy that supposedly caused the Big Bang? You cannot scientifically answer this, because it is already a known scientific fact that energy cannot be created. Well, neither was our God created. But He does exist. And He created is the one who first created energy. As to you Tim, yes, there is a God. Go back to church, and save yourself.

  20. There’s one answer to all of your questions. Our universe is full of life,we are just a spec of carbon. Our galaxy is has life everywhere and our universe is full of galaxies. Galaxies have stars that attract matter to create planets and on planets where life can be supported life starts to grow. Life is abundant and some invisible guy didnt make it all. The answer to the everything is right in front of you,its in the stars,NOT in a story book that humans wrote. God is a joke..pure blind faith

  21. ok wait….people that say Evolution is a fact have missed the first 2 words of every evolution book. they all start the same. “In Theory”
    That means unproven. To believe in the concept of evolution take an enormous amount of faith. There are to many missing links in the transistion, not to mention gene manipulation, Mechanical differences and habitat placements. I do believe that evolution can occur, but its extremly limited to living conditions. If the theory of evolution is in place, the chances that any kind of gene alterations are very slim, and to combine every living species (fish,insect,animal,plant,bacteria) the chances are slimer still. If evolutionist were to crunch all the numbers on a single scale, including transitions during evolution, the earth would be Hundreds of trillions of years old. And that dosnt make sense to anyone. To conclude that God dosnt exsist is to limit your research to a series of unexplainable events followed but a timeline that is unfeasable. But when you look at Life through a Microscope, or a telescope. with gamma or UV technology. you will see scientifically engineer structures made to precision specifications. and the only way for that to happen is to have a great architect

  22. People do not understand what theory means in science. There are very few laws in science and the laws that do exist are very short in meaning and have a lot of evidence to back it up. Evolution could never be a law because it is to broad, science is always discovering more things to do with evolution but these new discovery’s are not crazy things which contradict prior evidence and say frogs are how closet relative or anything like that. Science is discovering more in detail how we evolve and because that will never change evolution will always be a theory because there is always more to learn.

  23. Bible and Quran was written by HUMANS, HUMANS!
    And I add ignorant humans, in the bronze age.

    I can write a book and tell that god told me the words. And that god is a worm living in the deep ocean with 1000 eyes. Would you believe me? NO. People does not deserve trust.
    So Bible, Quran and similar fantasies are what they are: FICTION.

    People that argue this or that based on two ancient book written by shepherds in the bronze age are ignorant and stupid, and this is a FACT. They are so stupid that they does not deserve to be listened to.

    Most advanced countries are full of atheists and religion is falling fast everywhere except for bronze age islamic countries.

    So, given that, what we have, told in poor words for “normal people” to answer the big question?

    We have that we are VERY VERY similar to apes in aspect and DNA, that some apes are very like humans and some humans in Africa are practically less “evoluted” apes.
    The evolution theory (in science a theory is named like that until there are refining due to new discoveries, so quite all that matters) is confirmed by centuries, but the church deny it because is, like the mafia, a multinational company with money interests anywhere.

    We have an unstable planet with many problems like eruptions, earthquakes, tsunami etc.. if a creator is responsible for such an imperfect world he would be an idiot. We have 200 Children dying each SECOND in the world for illness and starving.

    Then we have the SPACE, we know by SCIENCE, and our eyes in the telescopes that is SO BIG that we even cannot imagine. There are billion of galaxy’s with billions of stars with billions of planets.
    There are conditions in which the life can born spontaneously and our planet is one of the cases.

    We know that the BIG BANG created our universe, that perhaps there are other universes and are still exploring the space to continue to evolve.
    We are here by pure chance as there are hundreds of millions of planets with life in the universe.

    We as humans have not all the answers, and precisely for this reason we cannot still and go on with discoveries to discover even more things.
    Religions LIMIT, LIMITED and WILL LIMIT the progress, new discoveries lowering our quality of life, and this is BAD. If for religions we were still defecating on our wounds, living an average life of 30 years believing in a flat earth in the center of the universe praying one of the 30000 invented god.

    SCIENCE, and humans who carry it out are the only hope for our race. And you, credulous, who cannot see beyond your nose do not worry, the life will put to test your blind “faith”, and in 30 years you will die in a more and more secular world , guessing if you have believed in fairy tales all your life.
    Meantime, the science will cure your illness even if you not deserve this.

  24. False arguments: Evoltion is false therefore god
    Big Bang theory is false therefore god
    Just because we do not know how the universe or life came to be does not mean god exists. It means we don’t know how the universe of life came to be.

    If you can prove god exists then show your testable/falsifiable evidence.

    I don’t believe in god because their is no empirical evidence that god exists.

    My reasons are not because I don’t like christianity or christians.

  25. A god is an all power-full and intelligent being. the christian god is known as a hidden god. Though the bible states many times when he came to people.(including becoming jesus.) Every time a christian is asked where did god come from. The answer even though unintelligent is always he is god. This god loved slavery Exodus 21:20, why on earth would I want to praise this god. The bible clearly states that god answers all prayers. So any believer take this test. take a nickel and pray to god that it will land on heads everytime for 50 flips, through probability it will never happen. Ask Jesus to appear to you, he did this for paul and 500 other people so they would believe that he really came back from the dead. I bet he did not. Even though the bible clearly states that every prayer is answered even the impossible, but it should not be that hard for jesus(or is it.) The crucifixon is another part of the story that make no logicals since. Why would in all knowing god and powerful one at that who knows what will happen in everyones life, who know of our sins before you did, saying we are perfect in his eyes. Then go and have a flood to kill everone and animals,(let some live), then make a virgin woman give birth(jesus, who is also god) Then have people kill jesus. Just to make a loving god happy. Really that make since to believers. I feel so bad that you really love this fairy tail. good luck

  26. if god is so great then why is the bible full of rape, murder, sacrifice, torture. it seems people use god as an excuse justify their own actions.

  27. Actually, Albert Einstein was an atheist. He said that believing in God was childish and superstitious. This is a very well known fact. It’s not academics who are making you look dumb… It’s you. Maybe research before you write.

  28. To the foolish pseudo-intellectuals who do not believe in god, I am a
    chemical engineer who has been in the field for 20 years, and I believe
    in god and am a christian. To say that only uneducated people believe in god is absurd! I have studied organic, inorganic chemistry, physics, and
    many multiples of calculus, and differential equations. After all my studies, I still have a strong faith in god, no one is forcing you to believe in god, no one cares about your multiple wikipedia posts about evolution.
    God does not force anyone into believing in his existence, he has predestined a small portion of the population to be just like you, this may be to test christian beliefs. I know all of your scientific ramblings will not save you from the solitude and lonliness that is hell, so, please keep justifying your argument, as an intelligent christian, I just don’t care what you have to say. When any of you have your masters degree in chemical engineering/ polymer science, please preach to me then. thank you.

  29. Evolution, is as obvious as the sunlight that God provides for the sustenance and enhancement of the creation.
    The main problem with this whole God thing, is that some people seem to think that they may possess it. Also, it is just a word, which sounds different in other languages. Who’s right? The Universe is pretty good at what it does.

  30. Why is it that Christians ask us to provide evidence for evolution when they won’t provide any for God? There is loads of evidence for evolution, we just can’t give it to u right now becuase none of us happen to be scienntists! I was a die hard chrishtan for 25 years. I used to think athiest were stupid and ignorant, but I was curious about why they believed God wasn’t real. So I looked into it, read some books on it, and asked my pasture about evolution. This fool said it was just a made up story to ruin faith. But their was so much evidence and it was taught at school. After a while I saw so many religious “truths” replaced by scientific laws and theroys but never the other way around. At that moment I realized I Jade wasted 100s of hours at church and praying, listening to idiots talk about fairly tales, and a flood that never happens, a murderous diety that for some stupid reason we worshiped. The thing is, in my family I have the highest iq, (153) everyone else has average exept my cousin (135) we also happen to be the only atheists in the family. Coincidence? Perhaps

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