We have examined the created world to show evidence for God.  We have explained the Christian belief in the existence of God through the teleological, cosmological, moral, and ontological arguments (You can read more about them all by clicking here).

Romans 1 states that two parts of God can be known from the creation. So what are the two areas where creation can inform us about God?  Paul says they are his eternal power and divine nature (Romans 1:19).  Not only can these two things be seen in the creation, but Paul says they are clearly seen.  So in those two categories what have we learned about God:

1. We have learned that God is a non-physical being with adequate enough power to Create everything that we see.

2. We learned that God is eternal since there had to have been a First Cause.

3. We learned that God is intelligent.  Since the world shows intricate designs then we can postulate that the Designer has to be, at least, intelligent enough to account for the complex creation that we have.

4. We have learned that God is a rational being (able to think and evaluate).  If his creatures are able to evaluate “right” from “wrong” then the one who made us has that ability to a greater extent.

5. We have learned that God has personality.  The intelligence of God along with the moral aspect of God show us that God is not merely an “essence” but a “personality”.  We have a personal God.

6. We have a self-revealing God.  God has put within man the knowledge of Himself.

What else can we say we can know about God from creation?