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God’s Wife

I am a huge fan of the Discovery channel.  They have a way of combining entertainment and learning.  This makes it one of the most watched channels at my house.  However, I hate when Discovery decides to do a special on the Bible or a related subject.

It never fails that when this happens the authority of Scripture is undermined, and the Christian faith that has been delivered to us by the apostles (Jude 3) is distorted.  A new special follows this same mold.

The special that was made for BBC, will also be aired by Discovery in the United States.  It claims to have discovered that the God of the Bible had a wife.  The chief researcher in this discovery is Francesca Stavrakopoulou, who teaches at the University of Exeter.

She claims that “after years of research I have come to a colorful and what could seem, to some, uncomfortable conclusion that God had a wife.”

Her evidence? It seems to be as followed.  First, Asherah was a prominent God in the region.  Second, there were high places (places of worship) within Israel dedicated to Asherah.  Third, there is a pottery inscription that says “Yahweh and His Asherah.”  Finally, the claim is that this connection has been edited out of the Bible by men.  From this the claim is made that God had a wife.

Now, I should be used to the fact that sensational claims are made and defended by scholars in order to make a name for themselves.  I should also be used to the fact that these scholars are then given mini-series to promote their teachings. However, it still upsets me to see this type of distortion.

In this case their seems to be two fronts that are attacking the Bible’s teaching.  First, you have radical feminism that feels a goddess needs to be added to the Biblical story.  Second, you have those who want to undermine the authority of Scripture.

When you examine the evidence given, the conclusion to be reached is not that God has a wife (other than His people figuratively), but that the children of God were unfaithful to God.  These discoveries of high places to worship Asherah give further credence to what the Old Testament teaches concerning the children of Israel’s idolatrous ways.  It shows the sin they committed in not driving all the Canaanites out of the Promise Land and thus being influenced by them for evil.  The pottery shows religious syncretism.  The same stuff that the prophets condemned.

As to this major editing of the Bible, manuscript proof would be nice and not mere conjecture.

The Scriptures, clearly, teach God did not have a wife.  In fact, through the prophets, God warned the people of worshiping other gods including Asherah.  More so, God exiled Israel because of their continued worship of other gods and unfaithfulness to Him.

I’m sure many will watch the show.  It is already playing in Europe.  Some, who are not well taught, might even believe the message.  But those who trust the Scripture as God’s message to man will see past these weak arguments and realize it is just another scholar, and another mini-series, trying to become famous and make money through mocking God.



  1. It is an nice attempt to brush off the statement. However, it fails on many levels. First, radical feminism sounds terrible but has nothing to do with whether the claim is true or not. Perhaps he can also try and associate the claim with Nazism as well.

    Second, whether the claim is true or not has nothing to do with a desire to undermine scripture. Either the claim is true or false. Trying to make it seem like someone has an issue with christianity is a nice deflection, but does not address whether the claim is true or not.

    Now here is the funny part. This is where he tears apart the claim.

    “When you examine the evidence given, the conclusion to be reached is not that God has a wife (other than His people figuratively), but that the children of God were unfaithful to God.”

    Wow, what a powerful defense of the faith. It refers to nothing and really states nothing, other than saying it is not true. I am sure all believers will embrace this as gospel.

  2. Wesley

    March 23, 2011 at 9:30 am

    First, I hope all believers reject that God had a wife, because those who believe trust that the Scriptures are God’s revelation to man.

    Second, the evidence presented that God’s wife is Asherah is very weak and I think I pointed that out in my post. A pottery piece that says God and His Asherah, does not prove that God had a wife, or that the religion of Israel taught as much. Instead it proves that one family saw a connection between the two. Can you really build a case for marriage from that?

    Third, the fact that Asherah statues are found in the Promise Land would be expected when you realize that first there were Asherah worshipers in the land, and second the Israelites, at times, worshiped her as well (but according to Scripture to the disgust of God). Once again were is the proof for marriage.

    Fourth, we can make any claim we want to and then say it was originally in the Bible, but has been edited out. But until we have some manuscript proof then it is just heavy heavy speculation. Once again were is the proof for marriage.

    Finally, why do we ignore the literally source? Even if you reject that the Bible is God’s Revelation to man, it is at the very least a historical document. In this historical document it is clear that the children of Israel did not believe Asherah was God’s wife.

  3. I just saw a web page that uses the names Kobe Bryant and Elizabeth Taylor. I think it’s safe to say we can assume they were husband and wife, right?

    This is the lamest “research” I’ve ever heard of. How does that woman have any credibility?

  4. “Finally, the claim is that this connection has been edited out of the Bible by men.”

    That’s all I need to realize the claim is butkus. Nothing was “edited out” of the Bible. Something is either in the Bible or it’s not.

  5. Good try at logic, Jeff, but no bananas.

    The presence of Wesley’s statements about feminism and the desire to undermine scripture deal not with the actual evidence presented by Prof. Stavropoulou, but with the prof’s motivation for presenting such weak evidence as if it ought to convince anyone exposed to it that thousands of years of rabbinical scholarship either is wrong or is a lie. No trained scholar would say more than, “Hmm, interesting,” but the laity will say, “Golly, this just proves religion is all a fake.”

  6. I worship Proverbs 8 Wisdom as a Goddess (Sophia) A.K.A. Alchemy. Her Consort is Jehovah the Lord Hunter God. Their Son is Yeshua Christ. The Goddess Sophia was, “Brought up as a Master Craftsman At Jehovah’s Side.” Proverbs 8

  7. I thought God was genderless. (He) is just spirit.

  8. Wesley

    June 29, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    He is spirit. However, we cannot deny the fact that God has revealed Himself consistently in Scripture in the masculine tense and Jesus came to earth as a man.

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