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Stephen Hawking is wrong

When I first heard that Stephen Hawking had written a new book denying the existence of God, I didn’t think much about it.  I mean it would be like saying the sky is blue.  You see Stephen Hawking has never been a friend to the Christian faith.  Yes, in the past he has stated that there could be something behind all of the universe, but he denied the idea of a personal God.  In fact he opposed the idea (and a non-personal God is not the God of the Bible).  However, when I saw he was the leading Google news story and begin getting questions from people about the story I felt I needed to respond.  These are my thoughts.

1. Stephen Hawking is a scientist.  For many this means that he has added “weight” to his statements.  I mean a scientist is intelligent (not denying this, scientist are intelligent).  The problem is the discipline of science cannot answer the question of origins.  I repeat CANNOT.  You see science as  a discipline studies the observable and repeatable.  Since the beginning of our Universe is neither observable and has not been repeated, a scientist has no greater authority on the subject than anyone else.  You see the study of origins is a philosophical field, not a scientific one. So when a Scientist makes a statement about how we got here, we should not get worked up simply because he is a scientist. Look at his argument, evaluate it like you would any other.

2.  Hawking states that the laws of physics are such that the world came into existence without a Creator.  One huge problem!  Where did these laws of physics come from? In fact does not their existence show design.  And if we have laws that are designed who designed them?  You see Hawking does not deal with these questions.  You still have to answer who is the grand designer of these laws.

3. The argument is just the warmed up version that has been used for years, “something comes from nothing.”  Hawking admitted as much in the interview.  Somehow when you have the right laws, matter can be created.  You see when we boil the argument of this brilliant man down (and I am not using brilliant in a sarcastic way), you still have to believe that something can come from nothing.  That is irrational and unacceptable.

Yes, Stephen Hawking is a brilliant man.  Yes, he has written a new book. Yes, people will talk about it.  No, it really isn’t a big deal.  Hawking is still wrong


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  1. 1. The reasons why the data that have been gathered for red shift and blue shift from the observation of galaxies through the use of telescope might not be served as a guide that the world would be expanding:
    a) The accuracy of the telescope that has been used to determine whether the galaxies would be in red shift and blue shift in order to conclude that the galaxies would moving away or towards the earth could be in question. In short distance of viewing an object, the telescope could identify accurately the change of the size of planet from big to small or small to big so as to give signal whether it should be in blue shift or red shift. However, if the object is placed very far away from telescope, the object that is shown in the screen on the telescope would be very small. The telescope might turn up to show one signal as a result of its inability to identify the accuracy of change of size of the object as if that all the galaxies are moving far away from the earth. Or in other words, it might have given wrong signal that the world would be expanding due to the inaccuracy of the telescope since it might be accurate in short distance with a big object and yet it might not be accurate if if would be in very small and tiny object that would appear on the screen when it would be placed many miles far away from the earth. Thus, the accuracy of the telescope might be in question since it has not been tested whether it could be accurate when objects would appear to be very tiny and small on the screen..
    b) The telescope might have been tested on earth to be accurate in short distance and yet it has not been tested from one galaxy to another so as to determine whether it is still accurate to measure the movement of object in the galaxies that is located in many miles far away from the earth.
    c) If you would blow a balloon, all the substances in the balloon would be shaken and vibrated. Even if they would be creatures inside the balloon, all the creatures would feel the strong pressure, i.e. wind, pulling them towards the corner of this balloon. Why is it that we that are on earth would not feel the pressure that the earth would be expanding? As we know if we blow the balloon, all the things in the balloon would fly away and would turn up to be in messy order. Question has to be raised. Why is that the air would still remain on earth despite the great pressure that has caused galaxies to advance as a result of expanding? No matter the pressure would externally influence as a result of the world expanding, nothing has affected the earth and it seems to be that something is controlling the earth to make it a secure place. Religious people call it, God.
    d) If you blow a balloon, all the substance would go travel towards the corner of this balloon. Let’s use blowing balloon to explain the galaxies. Let’s assume that you blow from the Sun, you would certainly see blue shift as well as red shift since some galaxies would move towards the earth from Sun. If you would blow from the Pluto, the same, you would still see some galaxies moving towards the earth since there are some galaxies from the sun would move towards the earth from the Pluto. However, if you would blow from the earth as a centre outwards, you would then see all galaxies would be moving far away from the earth. Now question has to be raised. The assumption that all galaxies would have been moving far away from the earth seems to presume that the earth would be stagnant and all galaxies would be advancing away from the earth. As the earth would turn up to be the centre of the universe, it turns up that a person would view from any side of the earth would turn up to be that all galaxies seem to moving away from earth. This seems to be weird and irrational.
    The reliability of data gathered from scientist that the world would be expanding is in question.

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