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Suffering and the Existence of God-An Introduction

Maybe the most prevalent and common argument in rejection of the existence of God has to do with suffering.  The atheist will state that the suffering that we see in the world proves that there is no God.  For them if God is all-powerful (which the Christian affirms) and good (which we also affirm), then there should not be suffering.  The reason is if God is all-powerful then He has the ability to stop suffering, and if He doesn’t then He cannot be considered good.  Or If God is good, but unable to stop suffering then He is not all-powerful and thus not God.

The reason this argument is so prevalent is because there is suffering in this world.  Horrible suffering.  Watch the news and you read about men, women, and children being abused or killed.  Disease, famine, natural disasters, and evil acts by men have caused suffering that make you well up in emotion.  Thus there is not doubt that suffering exists.

So the task of this series is to provide a reasonable explanation (click here for why) for the suffering we see in the world.

To read the existence of God series click here and work your way through it.



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    I was hoping you would be in Denver for Blitz Week, so I could talk in person, but I wanted to tell you to keep up the good work! The site is amazing and you are really making the most out of utilizing the power of blogs and technology. The site is great for those who struggle with Personal Daily Bible Study and has daily spiritual thoughts, articles on tough issues, and series of Bible study such as the II Thessalonians. I just happened on the site a week or two ago and I know its a lot of work but keep it up brother!

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