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Teleological Argument-Design Argument

The teleological argument is our second in a series of reasonable explanations for God’s existence.  In simple terms it is an argument from design.  The argument relies upon our basic intuition.

As humans when we see a car we reason that there were individuals behind the construction of the car.  As I type I’m using a computer and I know that it did not randomly appear and put itself together.  Someone thoughtfully provided a combination of hardware and software that enables me to share my thoughts with you (after reading a few posts you might wonder if it would be better if I didn’t have access to the technology).  We understand that when something has apparent design then behind it is a designer.

The point is that if we can show design in our universe then it would require a designer.  Let me give two examples of design (provide more in the comments, lets see how long our list can get, finding them should not be hard since they are everywhere we look).  First, the human ear.  It is designed in such a way (triple semi-circular canal) that we have the necessary balance to walk upright.  Second, the liver preforms over 500 different functions, it is able to store vitamins, detox poisons, stabalize blood sugar, etc…

Lets be honest though, no specific example is needed because we all can see the intricate design that makes life happen.  We are able to function in this world because it is an ordered (designed) universe.   And since there is design then there is a designer.  Christians call the designer God.

Next time we will look at the Anthropic Principle (another word to impress your friends with), which I believe will show overwhelmingly that our universe had a designer.

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  1. So when I see the dew in the morning that happened on it’s own, I should know that things couldn’t just randomly become beautiful and right? Given enough opportunity anything could become perfect.

  2. Wesley

    August 31, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    Did the dew really happen on its own? Or is there a design that causes the dew to drop in the morning?

    And later on we will discuss the concept of beauty and if there is no God then where did our sense of transcendent thoughts come from? But you will have to wait.

    Look forward to you commenting more and maybe using your name in the future :).

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