Most Christians have never even sat down and contemplated the Deity of Christ. It is something that is presented as fact in most lessons and often it is assumed that all in the audience hold to the Godhood of Jesus. It is only when a Christian is challenged by one who does not hold to this doctrine, that this topic is even researched or thought out in its entirety.

Does the Bible teach that Jesus is God? Are there verses that make this claim? If not, are there at least characteristics that Jesus bears that give evidence to Him being divine? This series seeks to answer these questions and others. Not with quotations from scholars and theologians, but from the words of Christ and other inspired writers as found in the pages of our Bibles.

This series will examine the very attributes of Christ, the claims of Christ, as well as the actions of Christ in heaven and on earth. These three areas should give the reader insight into whether or not Jesus is God.

Cliff will be posting every other day at lunch time on this subject, so check back in often.  I’m looking forward to this fruitful study and I hope you are as well–Wesley

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