One objection from those who deny the ontological argument is that the existence of God is taught, not innate.  Their point is the reason people believe in God’s is that they have been taught to.  At first, that sounds reasonable.  A lot of us were in fact taught about God through our parents, or churches, or other means.  But that really doesn’t answer the big question of where did the original idea of God come from?  There had to be a first teacher.  The Christian claims the first teacher is God. (In fact he is the continuous teacher as all people yearn for the transcendent)

The major point that the ontological argument teaches us about God is that He reveals Himself to man.  The God we serve is not a God who created the world and now has nothing to do with it (deism).  Instead, God created us and revealed Himself to us so that we can have a relationship with Him.

Thus far the three major arguments about the existence of God have taught us that God is powerful enough to Create the world, intelligent enough to design the world, and thoughtful enough to reveal Himself to us.

What a God!