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Preliminary Thoughts–2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

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2 Thessalonians 2 is admittedly one of those difficult passages of Scripture.  It is difficult because we are not privy to information that it appears the Thessalonians knew.  Paul in fact states that he had taught them certain truths when he was with them.  He also assumed that they knew to whom Paul was referring in 2:6.  All of this increases the difficulty we have in this section.

Let me say though a few things that we can know. First, we can know that the reason verses 3-10 are included is to teach the Thessalonians that Jesus had not yet returned.  This section is Paul’s evidence that they should not believe the false teaching they had received.  Therefore if we reject the false teaching, then the evidence is not as important for us.

Second, the main point of this section I believe is found in verses 1 and 2 and finally in verses 1ob through 12.  I hope this isn’t a cop-out but in my thinking we do not have to have full confidence in the identification of key persons in 3-10 to understand the main point of this passage.  We just need to know that it provided the Thessalonians with the evidence they needed to trust that Jesus had not yet return and to exhort them to love the truth.

Paul had taught them the truth concerning Jesus’ Coming.  However, they had become quickly shaken by false teaching.  This is a great congregation, but the warning is clear to us and them, if we do not love truth, then we put ourselves at great risk to believe a lie and for God to allow a deluding influence to come upon us.

In our next post(s) we will attempt to identify some of the key figures in this section including: the man of lawlessness and the one restraining.

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  1. Always get lots of questions on this. Still not fully convinced of my position on the passage. Looking foreword to your thoughts.

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