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Bible Study–Genre Matters

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The Bible is more than a single book.  Instead it is a collection of books.  Not only is a collection of books, but it is also a collection of books written in different genres.  Each of these types of writings are interpreted differently.

We should know this intuitively.  You read and interpret a letter from your wife differently then you do a legal ruling.  This should be true in how we view Scripture.  We do not interpret a narrative section (like Matthew, Mark, Genesis etc…), the same way that we would interpret a letter from Paul.  This becomes even more important when we start looking into books that are written in genres completely foreign to us (think the book of Revelation).

This is also true with different types of writing within a book.  Many narrative sections include poetry.  They also include sermons.  Revelation begins with Epistles.  So as your reading through a book ask yourself what type of material am I reading.

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  1. Are yo going to do a post on how this effects hermeneutics?

  2. *you*

  3. Wesley

    November 9, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    I will eventually. Right now I’m still going through the basic principles. But later I will talk about specific things to look for in specific genres.

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