The land had been conquered.  Joshua was getting old.  The people were transitioning.  No longer would they be nomads. They had a land.  Each tribe and family had a plot all their own.  It was a time of rejoicing because God had kept His promise. However, new challenges would also come.

The major challenge would be to not follow their forefathers into idolatry.  They would interact with the people around them, many of whom worshipped idols. This leads to the grand speech by Joshua in Chapter 24.  The main point of the speech:

Choose Today Who You Will Serve

Today, we are not making a transition from being wanderers to having homes.  Most of us live comfortably.  However, each day is a new day to recommit to God.  Each day is a new challenge to fight off the idolatry of selfishness and greed.  Each day is a struggle to carry our crosses.  Each day is a day to choose!  So choose today who you will serve.


Help us today to choose you.  Help us to reject the sinful urges that attempt to pull us away.  Help us to carry our crosses.  We thank you Lord for rescuing us from sin.

Through Your Son,


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