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Did You Preach the Word Today?

They church gathered together. Thousands of buildings, houses, and gathering places were opened.  Crowds of various sizes gathered together.  10, 50, 100, 200, 500, even 1000s.  Some to genuinely be edified and worship.  Some out of obligation. Some out of tradition.

Thousands of preachers took their place to preach.  If you were one of them, I have a question.  Did you preach the word today?

I do not mean did you preach the accepted doctrines of your church.  I do not mean did you deal with a felt need using the best pop psychology has to offer.  I mean did you preach the word.

Did your message start with careful Bible study?  Did you take the time to really understand the text?

In your presentation was the text explained?  Did individuals come in contact with the living God through your proclamation?

Was the text where you gathered your points? Or did you develop your outline and find the text that “fit?”  Was your sermon a great oration, but devoid of true biblical preaching?

Did you spend more time illustrating, telling jokes, and promoting than you did carefully explaining God’s word and applying his message to your hearers?

Did you preach the Word? The church needs men who will preach the Word.  Who will deligently study God’s Word.  Take the time to truly bring out the author’s intended message. We need men to apply the text we have received from God and no their opinion to the lives of those who hear.

Illustrations are helfpul.  Humor breaks the ice. A good story can drive home the message.  But only the power of  God can change our lives.

Did you preach the word today?

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