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Giving God Your Leftovers

“God wants you to give Him your best ” is a common statement. This phrase is often used to coax a child into putting on his or her church clothes and wash up. Is it true that God “wants our best” in worship? Absolutely it is, but what we consider our “best” is not always in line with what God calls best. Scripture does not give us information on what type of clothes we should wear, but it does clearly state that one should give God an appropriate offering in their worship.

The people that Malachi was working with were worshiping God and offering Him something. What they were offering him was not their best, by any means. They were sacrificing their leftovers to God (molded bread, lame animals etc.) They were despising the greatness of God through their lack of concern in their offerings, yet they still had the nerve to ask “how have we despised you” (Malachi 1:6).  They despised God in the same way we can today.  They gave him their leftovers.  Malachi goes on to stat three reasons why we should offer God our best.

  1. Our leftovers disrespect God. Certain relationships require a level of respect. This would include a son to his father, a servant to his master or a citizen to his king. God in Malachi 1 identifies Himself as “father”, “master” (v. 6) and “king” (v. 14). If God is our King, Master and Father, He deserves our respect in our worship. If Jesus Christ is God and He died for me, then no sacrifice is too great for me to make for Him.
  2. Our leftovers do not make God happy. Malachi asks “What would happen if you offered second best to the Governor” (v. 8)? Neither would God accept their sacrifices. In fact, it is better to stop worshipping all together(vs. 10), than offer Him worthless worship. Heathens treat God better (vs.11-12). Often times even people in the world would not dare offer God the attitudes that we offer Him in worship.
  3. Our leftovers leave us feeling empty. Malachi quotes the people in worship saying, “Oh, what a weariness!” (v. 13). They were not willing to give their best to God, but neither were they willing to abandon worship altogether. This is where we often find ourselves, not willing to quit, but not willing to really worship either. Worship became a dull routine to the nation of Israel, they were attending, but felt empty because their leftover worship lacked substance.

You only will get out of worship what you put into it. Do not offer God your scraps, offer Him the worship He deserves. What are we offering God?


Thank you that I can worship you.  Help me to realize the priviledge it is.  Help me to offer to you my best.

Through Your Son,


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