This morning I noticed an interesting phrase trending on twitter.  The phrase was Watch the Throne.  I jokingly put up on twitter that I guessed a lot of people must have been reading Hebrews this week.* The buzz, though, is about an album being released with that title.  A friend of mine responded to my joking tweet and mentioned Isaiah 6.  I love this passage, but have never written on it here.  So that is the impetus for this post.**

The Glory of God

The text begins with God sitting on the throne.  In it Isaiah is clearly “watching the throne.”  What he sees is beyond description.  Isaiah records for us, as best he can, God’s glory.  It fills the room.  It is smoke-filled. God on the throne is high and lifted up. This glory fills the whole earth.

The Holiness of God

Around this throne were amazing creatures.  Again these creatures draw our attention.  Their description is meant to elevate them.  They are majestic creatures.  However, their majesty is not to glorify themselves.  As great as they are,  they are but servants of the One whose throne they gather.

They exist to declare God’s holiness.  They cry out “holy, holy, holy.” Their voice was so loud that it shook the building.  Allowing yourself to be engulfed in the story you can imagine the scene.  An elevated throne, smoke-filled room, the glory of God weighing down on Isaiah, majestic beings declaring the LORD’s holiness, it is an amazing scene.

Isaiah’s Response

“Woe is me.”  When Isaiah saw the glory and holiness of God, his only response was inadequacy.  Seeing our Holy God on the throne shows our own sinfulness.  Isaiah recognized his “uncleaness.”  God was holy, He was not.  God was glorious, He was not.

As Isaiah “watched the throne” it became clearly that God was wholly different from him.   He could not stand before that throne.

God’s Gracious Response

What is man to do when confronted with the glory and holiness of God?  All Isaiah could do was declare his own unworthiness.  However, God steps in.  He send his angels to “clean” Isaiah.  God takes away man’s sin. We unholy creatures can be made holy by God.


When we “watch the throne” of God we should be in awe of His majestic glory and awesome Holiness.  This should lead us to recognize our status.  We are not God.  We are not worthy of His presence.  We should not stand before His throne.  However, God can make us Holy.

God still makes us Holy today.  We can turn to God and be made Holy. The beauty is once we have been cleaned by the blood of Jesus, we then have permission to draw near to God’s throne (Hebrews 4:16)!

Church and friends let us “watch the throne.”


*A major theme in Hebrews is Jesus sitting at the right hand of God.

**I know that is a very weird introduction, but just wanted to give you insight into how my mind works, which can be a scary thing.