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Modern Day Witchcraft

No this is not another post on Harry Potter (you can read those posts here though).  However, I do want to talk about witchcraft. Witchcraft and sorcery are listed as sins in the Bible.  It is clear from Scripture that the people of God should not be involved in such practices.

But why?  Why is God so concerned with witchcraft and sorcery?  One reason is because divination, witchcraft, and sorcery are means to find guidance in life outside of God’s will.  This got me thinking on how to apply the Scripture’s condemnation of witchcraft today.  This then got me thinking on what does modern day witchcraft look like.

Obvious the answer could be the Wicca practice or even horoscopes, but I wanted to think deeper for a minute.  I wanted to ask the question, what today is a way that Christians are finding life guidance in this world?  One answer that came to mind was television.  Television is a dispenser of a worldview and an ideal.  Daytime talk shoe personalities come off as more than just entertainers but also as teachers.  They are there to steer conversation and thought.

Oprah, THE daytime talk show host, is an example of the influence they yield.  Her book club makes instant bestsellers.  She know has her own network.  And her shows often times tackle cultural issues.  She is a dispenser of wisdom.  Many folks know more of what she says that what Scripture says.

Sadly, much of what is shared on these shows is far from God’s will for your life.  What is shared is self-help and sometimes new age philosophy.  The idea of a radical tolerance and the lack of need for repentance (unless of course what you are doing doesn’t make you feel good).  The guidance is to be who you are, even if who you are is sinful.  The help is to view all paths as equal otherwise you are intolerant.  Wisdom is dispensed and people are affected.

No, talk show hosts are not witches or warlocks, but I do think fundamentally they serve as modern day witchcraft, in that the dispense knowledge and wisdom that is outside God’s will.

What do you think?


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  1. you can not justfy things. you have to know God.

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