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My Belief in Eternal Memories

Earlier this week I posted a devotional thought centering on memories in heaven (find post here).  My point was to show that this is just another awe-inspiring reality of heaven.  I did not in that post seek to prove the basic premise, which is we will still have our memories in heaven.  This post hopes to do just that.

Let me give three reasons.

First, the account of the Rich Man and Lazarus indicates a retention of memory (Luke 16:19-31).  Some might argue that this is a parable and therefore can’t be used for proof.  I have a few problems with that type of reasoning.  First, the text never states it is a parable.  This is especially odd since Luke at times introduces parables by clearly stating “he spoke this parable” (Luke 8:4; Luke 12:16, etc.).  Second, parables are not made-up events.  Parables are rooted in reality.  So even if this is a parable it does not mean that the facts contained are false.

In this account the Rich Man remembers his brothers and his former life.  He remembers the character of the brothers as he questions their willingness to hear God’s word.  The point is he still has his memories.

Second, the martyrs in heaven in Revelation 6:9-11 remember the persecution they faced and had a desire for God’s vengeance.  If memory is lost in the afterlife then they would not know the circumstances of their death.

Third, think about this philosopically.  If we lose our memories before we enter heaven, then do we really retain our identity.  Our identity to a large degree is wrapped up in memory.  A person without a memory is not the same person any longer.  On top of this if we lose our memories then we would not remember God, Jesus, and the Spirit.  Thus it is necessary for us to retain memory.

Add more reasons in the comments. Of if you disagree or are not convinced leave your comments as well.

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  1. Wesley, I agreed with the reasons for memory retention in Heaven. Jesus is plain spoken on the subject.

    Nonetheless, I remain perplexed at the illness of dementia (particularly the aspect of memory loss). To lose one’s faculties must be terrifying. Is it possible this disease is present to confound us as mere mortal beings? This specific disease, more than any other, causes me to deeply appreciate and thank God that He is the Judge of the living and the dead.

    Thanks for your “thoughts” 😉

  2. Wesley

    September 11, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Memory loss on this world is truly a difficult thing for the person and those around them. I”m convinced in heaven their mind and memories will be restored.

  3. I just read an interesting book called “The True Heaven: Not What You Thought, Better Than You Expected” by Joe Beam. He lays out some pretty good thoughts to consider about what heaven might be like. (Disclaimer: I don’t think I agreed with all of it, but he does admit that a lot of his “ideas” are just “ideas”), but I would recommend checking it out.

    I was once taught as a kid that heaven might just be more or less eternal existence but we wouldn’t be able to have joy, fun, laugh etc, but all we would want to do was sing for all eternity to God, and “if you don’t like singing now, you wont like heaven”. Well, “new earth” terminology in scripture leads me to believe that their will be dirt bikes, BBQ’s and lots of fun without any worldly influences or sin. We will live forever in the very place where Christ dwells.

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