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I wanted to share with you all a series of evangelistic studies I’ve developed to helped people in their journey to faith in Christ.  This is not the only method, but I have found them useful. I am currently working on a presentation for another method that I use more often now.

Click the links to get the guides to each lesson. The first link is the handout that I have used while studying, while the second link is an explanation (unedited) on how to use the handout.

1. Handout: WhoIsJesus Explanation: Who Is Jesus

2. Handout: StudyofSin   Explanation:What is Sin

3.Handout: TheLambthatwaslifted  Explanation:  Lamb of God that was lifted up

4. Handout: CommittedtotheCross   Explanation: Committed to the Cross

5. Handout: Gospel Renacted  Explanation:  Gospel Reenacted

6.  Handout: In Christ    Explanation:  In Christ

7. Handout: God’s House the Church  Explanation: God’s House the Church

I sometimes begin with Handout: HandoutforHowdoyouKnowTruth(1) Explanation How to know Truth depending upon the situation.

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