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Reading of Ancient Documents

Whether you follow politics or not you have probably heard that today the Congress has decided to read the Constitution aloud.  The purpose, at least in theory, is to remind the Representatives of the founding documents, which govern our society.

I like politics so I’m naturally interested in this endeavor, but I’m even more interested in the idea of giving a new priority to Ancient Documents.  I think it would be wise for Christians to do the same.

In the Old Testament when God’s People were far removed from God’s ideal, it was when they found the book of the Law that changes began to be made.  When they read the law with a heart to follow it, great strides toward a renewed faithfulness was demonstrated.  When the people came back from the Exile it was Ezra who took the time to read, explain, and practice the Word of God.

I say all this because Christians in America (broad statement I know) need to take the time to reacquaint ourselves with Scripture.  We have been co-opted by traditionalism, political concerns, greed, and other serious problems.  Churches have made primary what Scripture put secondary and vis-versa.

The Gospel of Luke was written to help Theophilus have full assurance of what he had been taught. It was there for Theophilus to see what Jesus, while on earth (Luke) and through the church (Acts), did and taught.  In reading, Theophilus could be confirmed in his faith, or if he had been taught wrongly, he could change.

Although, Luke claims this specific purpose, all of Scripture serves this purpose.  Christians and the church need to constantly be going back to Scripture.  Understanding it. Believing it. Applying it. Living it.  Examining it.  In doing so we, like Theophilus (and in a different way the Congress), can confirm those things which are true, change those things which are not, and put priority on the things which God puts priority on.

Are you willing to make that sacrifice?



  1. Good thoughts Wesley.
    I am curious as to whether they are going to read the entire constitution including every amendment. If so, I wonder who’s is going to volunteer to read the unseemly parts that sound pretty racist to modern ears?
    Anyway, good job and keep up the good work.

    Jim C

  2. Wesley

    January 6, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    Thanks for reading Jim. BTW I was given the Myth of a Christian Nation as a Christmas present this year. I think you mentioned that you read it and liked it.

  3. I think you will enjoy reading that. Boyd is a pretty brilliant mind and he is definitely passionate about his faith. Let me know what you think about the book.

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