Tomorrow morning individuals will enter into gathering places to join with other saints to worship God and edify the body.  Songs will be sung, money will be given, prayers will be offered, remembrance of the death of Christ will happen, and the proclamation of the Word will be heard.  At lunch folks will gather around the table and discuss how “good” (or maybe not good) this particular time of worship was.

I understand that some times of worship hit us differently than others.  Sometimes the song service is a collection of more of our favorites than others.  Sometimes the sermon is delivered better than others.  However, worship should always be “good.”  If it is God-honoring, Christ-exalting, and Spirit-directed worship then, it is always good.  You see the “goodness” of worship is not caught up in how it makes us feel, but rather is directly related to the One whom we worship.  Since we worship the good God, who is Worthy of our worship, then our worship is good.

As you reflect on going to gather with the saints, or if you are reading this after you have gathered, remember that worship is always good, because the object of our worship is always Worthy!