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Decision Points Book Review–Analysis

You can read the part one of the review of the book here.

Decision Points is primarily a book on leadership and specifically a book on how leaders make decisions.  The purpose of this analysis is to look at some principles of leadership that I thought were represented in the book that will be helpful to Christians.

1. Principles matter.  You can argue whether or not President Bush was true to his principles, but in the book he wanted to show that principles matter.  Whether it was the principle that life should be protected that led him to his conclusions on Stem Cell.  Or the principle that all children should have equal opportunity that lead to No Child Left Behind.  Or the principle that we should attempt to stop preventable death, which lead to funding for African nations.  President Bush argued that all of those decisions were made because of underlying principles.

Christians are to be principled people.  Integrity should be a virtue Christian possess.  Integrity means that we live our lives based upon godly principles.  Every decision that a Christian makes should be funneled through a worldview formed by Scripture.  This shows the importance of studying Scripture.

2. Compassion has a place. Leaders have to be compassionate people because people are people.  They will make mistakes, they will struggle.  There will be times that we have to step in to comfort and aid.  Leadership is about influencing people and we can’t influence those we do not care about.

3. Tough Decisions will come.  Leadership means that at times you will have to make decisions.  Not every decision a leader will make is easy.  A lot of decisions are complex and difficult.  There are times where no clear answer is found, or when the clear answer is going to be difficult and cause friction.  However, leaders have to make those decisions and face the consequences that come.  For a Christian this means a couple of things.  First, we should respect our leaders and realize the difficulty that comes with the position.  Second, as leaders we cannot skip making the difficult decisions because we fail to be leaders then.

4. Sometimes you will be wrong.  The sad fact of leadership is at times you will be wrong and it will be public.  The WMD situation in Iraq probably illustrates this most with President Bush.  However, Christian leaders are not perfect and at times we will be wrong.  The answer is to admit we were wrong (if sin was involved to repent) and then to change course.  All we can do as leaders is use the best information available to us to make our decisions then trust our judgment and God’s grace.

Many more examples could be given but these are four I felt were important.



  1. Good review, Wesley. I loved President Bush because he was a man of character and stood by his principles. He was a much better president than the media portrayed him. I do not believe he deserved such a terrible bashing in the media and am very happy for him now that he can lead a somewhat normal life again on his ranch in TX.

  2. Wesley

    November 30, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    You would probably enjoy reading this book Sue.

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