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Teleological Argument-Design Argument

The teleological argument is our second in a series of reasonable explanations for God’s existence.  In simple terms it is an argument from design.  The argument relies upon our basic intuition.

As humans when we see a car we reason that there were individuals behind the construction of the car.  As I type I’m using a computer and I know that it did not randomly appear and put itself together.  Someone thoughtfully provided a combination of hardware and software that enables me to share my thoughts with you (after reading a few posts you might wonder if it would be better if I didn’t have access to the technology).  We understand that when something has apparent design then behind it is a designer.

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Who Created God?

Who created God?  That is the top objection to the Cosmological Argument.*  The argument:

If the world had to have  a cause and we call that cause God, then what caused God?

This is a fair question.  Many inquisitive minds have asked it.  Let’s deal with it.

First, there has to be an uncaused first cause.  Lets for the sake of argument say something created God. The next question is: who created that?  And who created that?  This would continue for an infinite amount of “creators.” The problem is if there were an infinite amount of creators, then we would not be here. (Remember the argument about the boy who was told he could have a candy bar in an infinitive amount of time, when does he receive it, the answer never.  If we are told we would be here after an infinite amount of creators, then when would we be here. The answer never).*  This means that in order for us to exist there had to be a First Cause. An infinite progression of causes is unreasonable.  Something had to have started the process.  Aristotle called it the prime mover.   Christians call it God.

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God’s Existence: Cosmological Argument

Cosmological is not a word we use everyday.  However, the Cosmological Argument is a way Christians can explain to others why they believe in God.  The argument is pretty simple.

Everything that has a beginning must be caused by something else.  The universe has a beginning.  Therefore the universe must be caused by something.

The universe exists.  The question is how did it get here?   There are only two choices: 1. It was always here.  2. At some point it came into existence.

If the universe is eternal that means before you and I entered this world an infinite amount of time passed.  The problem is if the universe was truly eternal we would not be here.  Stay with me here.  If you tell your child they can have a candy bar in an infinite amount of time. When will they get it? Never. No matter how long they wait they still have to wait an infinite amount of time longer. In the same way if an infinite amount of time precedes my existence, then I would never exist. The very fact that you and I are on this planet shows it had a beginning.

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The Need for A Reasonable Explanation

The Bible assumes God.  Genesis 1:1 states in the begginning “God was.”  The existence of God should be self evident to all.  Sadly,  sin has blinded the eyes of many in our age.

This means Christians need to prepare themselves to give an explanation for their belief in the Almighty.  Peters says as much:  “Always be prepared to give an answer to the hope within you” (I Peter 3:15).  Our job is not to convince, but to simple reasonable explain* our faith.

The following series of posts hope to do just that.  We hope to begin by providing reasonable (at least to my mind) explanations as to the existence of God.  Although we will not argue from Scripture in this series, we are convinced that Scripture supports the notion that through engaging our universe man can come to know certain truths about the Creator.  After that I hope we can continue our journey by reasonably explaining other aspects of the Christian faith (nature of Scripture, resurrection of Christ, etc…).  Let’s grow together.

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