In an earlier post we talked about threats to our faith.  Real hazards that could keep us from reaching the land of rest that we are awaiting. (Read post here).  It is important to recognize that we have threats to our faith.   However, recognizing the threats to our faith is one thing.  It is an entirely different thing to make sure that we are overcoming the threats to our faith.  I want us to investigate the book of Hebrews now to show how we can overcome those threats.

Encourage One Another Daily

The author of Hebrews seems to have a favorite book, Psalms.  Throughout the book he builds his arguments from selections from this book.  He even interprets narrative passages through the lens of the Psalms.  One important Psalm to our author is Psalm 95.  Specifically, the writer focuses on verses 7, 8.  Where he exhorts the readers to not “hardened their hearts.”

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