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1 Peter 3:8-12: Instructions to All of Us

Peter has completed  giving instruction to wives and husbands.  Now, he will turn his attention to the entire church and provide general admonitions on how they should live.

All of this falls under the category of conduct, a key concern for Peter in this book.  Peter’s purpose is not only to reassure his readers of their place in God’s grace, but also to ensure they stand firm in it.  The fiery trials they are facing have caused them to doubt their status before God.  Peter is writing this book to reaffirm their status and teach them how to stand firm in it during times of fiery trail. In this section in emphasizes what the people need to both have and do.

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1 Peter 3:7: Husbands Live with Your Wives According to Knowledge

After addressing how wives are to interact with their husband, Peter now will address the husband’s responsibility to his wife.  Unlike the discussion with slaves/masters and citizens/government, Peter’s discussion of husbands/wives includes instructions for both parties.

The command to the husbands is to “live with their wives.”  Peter then provides several clauses to describe how husbands are to live with their wives.

According to Knowledge

Knowledge in Peter has to do with salvation (2 Peter 2:20).  Peter is saying that our salvation affects how we live.  Salvation is not just about getting to heaven.  Salvation also changes how we live on this earth.  This obviously affects our marriage relationships.

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1 Peter 3:1-6: Wives Submit to Your Husbands

The theme of submission continues in chapter 3.  Peter has addressed all people to government (here), slaves to masters (here), and now he will address wives to husbands.  This all falls under the greater umbrella of Christian conduct.

Not quite the same

Peter has just finished speaking of the master/slave relationship using the word submission.  He will use the same word to refer to the husband/wife relationship.  This could leave someone with the impression that wives are nothing more than property.  However, Peter mitigates this in two ways:

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1 Peter 2:21-25: The Example of the Suffering Christ

1 Peter 2:22-25 needs to be read in context with verses 18-21.  In 18-21 we have the command for slaves to submit to masters, even wicked masters who abuse (read more here).  Thus, Peter is giving the slaves who are facing harsh masters an example to follow.  The example is that of Jesus.

This example though is for more than just the slave.  It is to anyone who is suffering unjustly. Whenever we face suffering as Christians we follow the example of Jesus.

What Jesus suffering teaches about our suffering?

However, there is a secondary point in this section that also aids Peter’s goal in this book.  Remember Peter is writing to a group of Christians who are doubting whether they are in the grace of God because they are facing suffering.  The example of Jesus reminds the church that

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1 Peter 2:18-21: Slaves be Subject

Beginning in verse 18 Peter continues his theme of submission.  He has already showed the Christian’s responsibility to submit to government (click here to read).  Now he turns his attention to the slave/master relationship.

Understanding Slavery

As Americans when we read the word slavery we think in terms of the atrocious system that was a part of our countries history.  We think of the kidnapping of people from their African homeland and then placing them upon cargo ships where many of them died.  We think of the slaves living away from the master in quarters working as nothing more than animals and equipment to take care of the plantation.  We think of the stories told of brutality by slave-holders.

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