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1 Peter 1:13-16-Conduct Yourself in Holiness

As mentioned in the introduction of this series on 1 Peter (read it here), Peter focuses much of his work on the conduct of his audience.  They are facing trials.  These trials have them doubting whether they are truly in “God’s grace.”  Peter’s goal is to reassure them of their status (he has down that in the first 12 verses and will again throughout the book) and to make sure they “stand firm in God’s grace” (1 Peter 5:12).  Standing firm in this grace means they need to maintain a certain type of conduct, even when facing trials.  This comes to the forefront beginning in verse 13.

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1 Peter 1:6b-12 Salvation Revisited Part 2

Peter begins his epistle by reminding the readers of salvation.  The first five verses he refocuses his audience on the glorious salvation. (You can read more here). 

The author beginning in verse 6 is still  concerned with the salvation we have received, the glorious grace given to us.  In his concern he wants to show how suffering can fit into a doctrine of salvation (soteriology).

Suffering’s Role in Salvation

Peter views suffering as an opportunity to show the genuineness of our faith.  Just like putting gold and silver through fire shows the genuineness of the precious metal, our faith is found genuine when we endure trials and stay faithful (verse 7).

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1 Peter 1:1-6–Salvation Revisted

1 Peter is written to a group of people who are doubting that Christianity is where the true grace of God is found.  They are concerned that the persecution they are facing shows that they are out of favor with God, instead of recipients of God’s grace.  As Peter begins to address this situation and exhort the Christians to both believe they are in God’s grace and to stand in it, he begins with reminding them of their salvation.

The Trinity’s Involvement

Peter begins by calling these brethren the “elect” of God.  This has to do with their special status as God’s chosen people.  In verse 2 he describes in more detail this election.  In doing so we see how all three members of the Trinity are involved in our salvation:

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When and To Whom was 1 Peter written?

Before we jump into the text of 1 Peter we are going to look briefly at when the book was written and to whom the book was written.

When it was written

The book claims to be written by Peter.  Those claims are substantiated by the letter itself, as it shows evidence of someone who was an eyewitness to the life of Jesus.  Historically, this is also substantiated by evidence from early Christian writers.  Thus, I believe that the author is the Apostle Peter.  This means that the book has to be written, while Peter was alive (yes,  I know that is a deep statement).

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The Purpose of 1 Peter

Why was 1 Peter written?  To me this is the first major question that has to be answered as we interpret the book of 1 Peter.  Once we can identify the overall purpose of the book, then we can better understand how each section fits within the purpose.

Peter’s Answer

1 Peter is one of the few books of the Bible that gives us immediate help in recovering its purpose.  The help is found in that fact the author states clearly why he has written.

I have written briefly to you, exhorting and declaring that this is the true grace of God.  Stand firm in it!-1 Peter 5:12

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