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The Opposite of Thanksgiving

Imagine the scene if you can. You have spent your time enduring the hardships of a slave.  In fact you have faced generational slavery that has gotten progressively more inhuman. Having to work under hard conditions with cruel taskmasters.  Being forced to kill your young.  Working without the necessary tools to do the job most effectively (even though they are available).

Everything about this existence is gloomy.  Then someone outside of you steps into eradicate your situation.  With a mighty hand he shows his power.  He makes it clear to your oppressors that releasing you was in their best interest.

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Why it is okay to watch/read Harry Potter?

Make sure you read Jack Wilkie’s article on why we shouldn’t watch Harry Potter.  This article is by Eli Schnell. You can read more of Eli’s work here.  Enjoy the two articles and I hope they help you think through the issue!

Before I begin my discussion of the subject at hand, I would like to clarify that Jack Wilkie is my brother in Christ and we both have the same goal in mind: to do what God desires for us to do. Although I disagree with Jack on the point under discussion, I still consider him a brother in Christ and a fellow servant of God. I am not maliciously going after Jack personally, but rather am simply attempting to make clear a subject that has been muddled.

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Why Christians Shouldn’t read/watch Harry Potter?

This is going to be a two-part series.  Do not miss part 2 for the argument that will be posted later today.  The author for this post is Jack Wilkie.  You can read more of his work here.  You can also read the unedited version of this post there. I’m letting these guys discuss it since I have never read the books and/or watched the movies. When you finish read Eli Schnell’s response here.

There’s no denying that Harry Potter has taken the world by storm. About 11 years ago I picked up the books for the first time on my mom’s suggestion, and I was completely fascinated. It’s the best fiction I’ve ever read. However, a few years after I started my mom found a book that discussed why Christians should look into Harry Potter a little more closely before reading the books and watching the movies. To be completely honest, I didn’t care at all. I loved the books and I wanted to read the upcoming book just as much.  However, a little over a year ago I decided to really examine the issue for the first time. In the next few paragraphs I will discuss why I don’t plan on going to see the final two installments.

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Eat the Word

It is one of my favorite days of the year. I can picture now the home grown corn, turkey and dressing, and home made chocolate pie (If computers had smell-o-vision this would be a perfect time to use it). Maybe it is wrong for me to think about food immediately when I think of Thanksgiving, but give me a break I have been eating cafeteria food the past 4 months!

The physical food we eat is vital to how we live our lives. This leads me to question why so many people do not care about what enters their bodies. Perhaps the problem is that we are so occupied with what tastes good, we do not care about what is going to make us stronger!

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Saturday Links

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

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