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Thankfulness in Paul–Partnership in the Gospel

This week is a special thanksgiving series looking at the prayers of Paul.  The hope is that if we learn what Paul was thankful for we can better recognize what we should be thankful for.  You can read part one of this post here.

Paul writes to the Philippians in 1:3, 4 that he thanks God for the partnership the Philippians have with Paul.  The word partnership is translated fellowship in other versions.  The idea is a joint participation in a cause.  In this case the joint participation is in the spreading of the gospel.  Paul gave thanks to this church for aiding him in the proclamation of the gospel.

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Thanksgiving Prayers

There are different types of prayers.  There are even different ways that we pray in a single prayer.  We might pray for God’s deliverance.  We might pray for our physical needs.  We might pray for opportunities to share the gospel.

One important prayer, or aspect of prayer is thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is remembering what God has done for us, acknowledging the good gifts He has granted, and from a heart of gratitude giving our Father thanks.  So as we approach thanksgiving, evaluate your prayer life. Or better yet evaluate your life.  Look and see all the good gifts God has given you!  Then acknowledge those things, and thank our Father.

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Worship Thoughts

As we go to worship our God together let me share with you one of my favorite Psalms.  Psalm 84 states that it is blessed to be in God’s House ever praising him (84:4).  Walt Kaiser breaks down three reasons why this statement is true.

1. God is a living God. He is not a theory.  He is not a philosophical creation.  No the God we worship is a living being.

2. God is our strength. In times of sorrow and struggle we can rely upon God.

3. God is the giver of the best gifts.

Keep these in mind as you worship today.

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Saturday Links

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Working Faith

James 2:14-25 deals with the necessity of a working faith.  Faith, if it is genuine is manifested in action.  James implores the Christians he is writing to to make sure their faith produces good works. Specifically, he wants them to look to those who are truly needy and supply their needs.

James gives examples of working faith.  Abraham and Rahab.  A weird combination to be sure, but they have in common the fact that their faith was clearly seen by what they did.

To make his point even clearer James on two occasions says that faith without action is dead (2:17, 26).  In fact in is no better than a demons faith!

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