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We all know gossip is bad.  In Romans 1, Paul lists a variety of sins that condemn people. In this list with sexual sins, murder, and others, he also includes gossip. But what exactly is gossip?

Not everything you say negative about someone else is gossip. There are times when it is okay to warn someone of another person’s character, or to go to others for advice on how to help someone.  We recognize that Jesus warned his disciples of certain people.  For instance, he told them to avoid the influence of the Scribes and Pharisees (Mark 8:15).  Paul names Alexander the coppersmith as someone who did him much harm (2 Timothy 4:14). So how do we define gossip? The truth is it is not easy to define.

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New Year’s Resolutions: Links to Help You Make and Succeed in your goals

Happy New Year!  Not much has happened on the blog here the last two months, but that is about to change! My life has changed since the last time I posted.  I have finished all course work for my M.DIV,  welcomed by first child into the world, and have settled in my new ministry role.  2011 has been a year of great blessing, which I will share more of later this week as I reflect on the past year.

If you will notice we have a new look to Study Your Bible Online.  I hope you enjoy it and it is more aesthetically pleasing to you.  There are still a few minor tweaks to be made to the look, but overall this will be the new style for a while.  If you haven’t, subscribe to our newsletter on the sidebar.

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Compassion of Jesus

The Gospel of Mark highlights our compassionate Savior.  It makes it clear that whenever Jesus say someone hurting He was compassionate toward them. Learn more about the compassion of the Savior in this lesson:

The Compassion of the Christ


Jesus Didn’t Care-Sermon from Mark

Cliff Sabroe shares his Sermon Outline concerning Jesus view of popular opinion.

Jesus Didn’t Care-1


The Mercy of God-Psalm 51

God’s mercy is  beautiful thing.  In this outline the mercy of God in Psalm 51 is seen in a powerful way.

God Is Merciful (Psalm 51)

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