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Dull of Mind–A Great Evangelistic Challenge

One of the best books I’ve ever read to help me understand the mind of today was The Closing of the American Mind.  I have read the book through once and have picked it up on several occasions since reading bits and pieces.  In the book Allan Bloom laments the state of affairs in Higher Education.  Bloom looked at the problem from the inside. The critique that hit home with me throughout the book was a major shift in the purpose of being educated.

The major shift could be characterized this way.  Early in Blooms academic career the goal was to find truth.  The idea was that you would survey all the major philosophies and ideas and that you would determine which was best, or which combination was best.  The goal of education was to find the best possible explanation and way of doing things.  Their was a quest for truth.  Through time, however, Bloom stated a switch took place.  No longer was Higher Education about the quest for truth, but rather it was about sharing the different worldviews and philosophies without real critique.  The student was not so much required to determine which was best, but rather to be tolerate of all and view them all as equally good alternatives.

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My View of the Revolutionary War and the Christian

To get the context please read this post before continuing.

No seriously go read it.

Here are my thoughts on whether a Christian could have participated in the Revolutionary War?

1. I do not believe all wars are wrong.  Therefore I am not against Christians participating in war.  However, I do think Christians have to evaluate each war (as best as they can) and determine if the particular war is in fact justified.

2. When I look at the Revolutionary Way the reason for rebellion was the fact that the English Government had violated the rights of Englishmen.  Through tax policy and not allowing proper representation the people of the colonies felt that they were not being treated as they should be as English Subjects.

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Was the Revolutionary War Moral?

If you haven’t read the earlier book reviews on 1776 please take  few minutes to read them now.  You can find them here.

I really enjoy reading history.  I’m fascinated by what those in generations before me did and how they prevailed through obstacles.  One of the areas of history I like the most is the history of the Revolutionary War.  This could be expected since I’m a citizen of the United States and that War is the reason I can claim that today.  However, from a Christian perspective I always wonder could I have ethically been involved in the rebellion against King George.

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Obedience and The Glory of God

A discussion had started in a blog post from a week or so and I wanted to move the discussion here.

One objection to the idea of obedience as part of the salvation process is that obedience in some way takes the glory away from God.  It is argued that if man obeys God then salvation becomes man-centered and not God centered.  But is this true?

I do not think it has to be so.  The main reason being that God has required obedience from man as part of the salvation process, but yet Scripture still affirms that all the glory in salvation is to be given to God.  Most religious groups argue that belief and repentance  (I would add confession of Lordship and baptism) are prerequisites to salvation. Both belief and repentance are obedient actions.  Yet, even with these prerequisites salvation is still a gift from God.

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Thankfulness in Paul–Saving Faith

You can find the earlier posts in this series here.

In Ephesians 1:15, 16 Paul writes:

For this reason, ever since I heard of you faith in the Lord Jesus…I have not stopped giving thanks.

“For this reason” is important for our understanding of this section.  To me it is best to understanding the “reason” being all that Paul has spoken of to begin the book.  In verses 3-13 Paul has a meandering sentence where he says (in far more words) God chose us (I’ve written on that before here).  In verse 14 Paul reminds them of the trust they put in the gospel once they heard it.  They had believed the message.

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