I am now comfortably back at home in Tennessee.  So the posts will go back to normal.  Although I know I am a few days past the New Year, I still wanted to share a New Year’s style post concerning the website.

As I mentioned in my goals and resolutions series (read it here) I have goals set for this website for the year.  I am somewhat surprised by this as I was hesitant to start the site and really had no clue if anyone would read.  Over the last few months I have really found this site as a great outlet and have been surprised and am grateful that people are reading. This next year I hope to enhance the usefulness of the site. Here is what you can expect:

1. Daily Updates will continue.  I like doing the daily updates (morning devotional and then a second post).  They both provide disicpline for myself and allow for continual dialogue.

2. Better archives.  Currently, I have an archiving system, but I think I need to do some work in improving it.  I want the site to both be something where people come to daily, but also a place where people can use as a resource for Bible material.  Currently we have the search feature and categories, but I think more can be done to make it easier.

3. We will continue to see a mixture of articles.  We will continue to work our way through books of Bible, apologetical material, topical studies, and current event issues.

4. Inclusion of Audio and Visual.  This year there will be some teaching done through audio, video, and hopefully presentations. This should enhance the effectiveness of the site and challenge me to learn new technologies.

5. Enhanced teen section.  At the end of 2010 we started a section geared just toward teens. I hope to enhance this section with new material.

6. Personal Development Section. Another new section to be added will feature articles on wise living.  These will be taken both from the Wisdom Literature of the Bible, but also from other sources that I feel would be helpful.

7. Preaching and teaching aids.  At some point I also want to provide Sermon and Teaching outlines for people to use as aids to sermon and Bible lesson preparation.

I’m sure this list will change throughout the year, but these are the ideas I have now.  As always I need your help, so start the new year off by letting others know about the site through Email, Facebook, Twitter, and other means.