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I follow a blog on higher education.  I like to know what is going on in the academic world.  Most of the time I skip the blog articles, but every now and then something will come up that I find interesting (usually an article about a Seminary or Religious Institution).

And then sometimes stories like this are sent to me.  The article discussed students at Drew University’s disdain for a new condom policy.  You see the new policy requires the students to ask an RA for condoms, while the old policy just had condoms available in a basket in the common areas.

I’m not surprised by this but it is further admonition that the church needs to hold strong to God’s standard of purity.  We have been studying 1 Thessalonians on this blog and one section of that book deals primarily with holiness in sexuality (Click here to read article).

It is a temptation by some to simply “give up the fight.” To say that since sexual immorality is so prevasive we need to switch our attention away from abstinence to pregnancy prevention and stopping the spread of STDs.  This, however, misses the major problem of sex outside of marriage.  Getting pregnant is not the problem.  Contracting an STD is not the problem.  The problem with sexual immorality is spiritual.  If the church is not willing to say that and stand firm on that who will?  If Christian parents will not instill this into their children who will?

There is always a temptation to follow the wisdom of the world.  In this case it cost too much.  Our goal as Christians is not just the well-being of the body, but the preservation of the soul.

What say you?



  1. Indeed, the problem is spiritual, what immorality does to our relationship with God. The pitch made to teens has often been that disease and pregnancy can happen to you, but the real consequence is that God turns away from the immoral.

  2. Wesley

    September 25, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    Thanks Randal. That is one frustration I have had with how many teach sexual purity. They spend so much time in a sermon, or youth discussion, or whatever telling people about how teen pregnancy is hard and how bad STDs can be. This is all true, but as a Christian that should not be our reason for staying pure. Our reason should be the Lordship of Jesus and the demands for purity he asks. It should be the glory of the cross and the cost of our sin.

    Thanks for stopping in.

  3. The bible never speaks on premarital sex. Only sexual perversions such as homosexuality and bestiality. The word fornication simply meant sexual deviations, not premarital sex. that has become the new conservative Christian definition for some reason though.

  4. Wesley

    September 25, 2010 at 9:16 pm


    I do not know if that is the position you take (i.e. fornication only means homosexuality and bestiality) or if that is the view you are saying that more people are taking. Either way the view does not fit with what we know from Scripture.

    The Greek word porneia (translated fornication or sexual immorality) by definition includes premarital sex.

    Second, when one follows the argument of 1 Corinthians 7:1-5 it indicates that premarital sex is sinful. That is why Paul tells individuals to marry instead of burning and committing sin.

    Third, on the positive side sex was given by God to be in marriage, anything outside of that is sinful (Hebrews 13:4).

    Hope this helps.

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