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Abortion as the New Birth Control

A friend of mine posted an article discussing the New York City Health Department’s recent pregnancy stats.  In it were shocking numbers concerning abortion.  In 2009 41 % of pregnancy in the Bronx ended in abortion.  In New York City the total was 39%.  The total number of abortions in 2009 was 126,744.

I’m not sure what all to say about this, but it is truly saddening.  Although, the New York average is high, it is not like the national average is any better, 23% of national pregnancies end in abortion.  It is clear from these stats that abortion has simply become another form of birth control.  A way to keep from having to deal with the realities of a child.

It is sad to realize that life has become so cheapened. It is also telling that the natural affection that a mother should have for a child does not lead to different results. Abortion has become the new birth control.


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  1. I often wonder how bad it must have been for God to have flooded the earth because of the nasty behavior that was going on at that time. I just think, can it really get any worse than it is now, killing millions and millions of our own children while inside the safest and sacred place on earth, the womb of a woman?

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