Read the article I’m commenting on here.

“Act Like Christians.” That was the part of the article that got my attention.  Mike Curb wanted to see the Belmont board “act like Christians.”   The reason this got my attention is that it has become cliche today to make a point and then to simply say this is what “Christians should do.”  It is far different to prove that point with the teachings of Christianity.

I would have liked to see Mr. Curb explain what he meant by this.  I would loved to have seen what Scripture informed his decision.  He might have quoted some from the Tennessean and they were left out. I think I know where his argument is coming from, but still I would like to see people actually defend the practice rather than simply use old rhetoric to give their point more value.

I do not know the truth of the Belmont story.  We do know some facts.  We have a soccer coach who is no longer the coach.  The coach in question is in a lesbian relationship and has an expecting child.  We know that the University has stated she was not fired or forced to resign. And we know that a group of students believe she was fired because of sexual orientation.

I do know this though.  I know that “Acting Like a Christian” does require is to uphold truth.  It requires us to be individuals who have standards of morality.  It requires us to make judgments upon what is right and what is wrong, upon the ethical and the unethical.  Christians have to draw a line somewhere on what is appropriate and what is inappropriate sexual relations.    No one would argue that all sexual contact is ethical. The question is where is the line.

As Christians we are going to find ourselves often times at odds with our world’s standard of morality.  Sexual conduct outside of marriage (which is defined Biblical in Genesis 2:24) is unethical, or to use the Christian term sinful. And to “act like a Christian” means we must call sin, sin.

I’ll let Belmont sort out the rest of this controversy.