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Back to School

At this point school is back in session.  Elementary, Middle Schools, and High Schools are now filled with children. College dorms are filled with incoming Freshman and veteran students.  Books are being bought.  Schedules are set.  And new routines are now becoming norm.

Education as means to know God

Education is directly connected with theology.  Our thoughts concerning God affect how we view education.  From a Christian perspective learning is a means to know God more fully.  “All truth is God’s truth,”  is a common saying.  As Christians we want to know more about our world, because knowing more about our world means we know more about God.

However, learning seems to be something that is scoffed at times.  Teachers complain that certain students have little desire or discipline to learn.  Some parents have little concern for the education of their child.  They are not involved in making sure their child is learning, nor are they concern with the content of the learning.  College Students can prioritize social activities and trivialize studying and classes.

It is obvious that for some the value of an education is neglible.  It isn’t worth the time and effort on the parts of those invovled.  However, this should not be the mindset of the Chrisitian.

Types of people

In the book of Proverbs there is distinction between the wise and the fool.  The wise is characterized as someone who receives instruction and learning.  They are eager to learn and grow in knowledge.  This eagerness means they seek out knowledge and heed what they are taught.  This person is wise and righteous.

In Proverbs there is also a distinction between types of fools.  Some fools are simply ignorant.  They do not know.  However, these fools will learn.  They are fools now, but they will not always be fools because they are willing to learn.  Many, if not all of us, are fools in some sense.  There is some area where we are foolish.  However, the godly person is not happy with his foolishness, instead we seek learning and wisdom.

The other type of fool sees no value in learning and instruction.  They rebelliously reject learning.  They have no desire to gain instruction, wisdom, and knowledge.  They are at school because the state requires it, or because it is fun to be with others their age.  They are not attempting to become wise.

Be Wise

We need more wise!  We need people who appreciate the value of learning.  Who are discerning in seeing what is actually “truth” and what is not.  We need vigorously to learn. We need to appreciate the time, money, and sacrifice that goes into your education.

Ultimately, we need to be wise because learning teaches us about God.  Therefore as you go back to school parents and children a like do not take lightly this time to learn.  Instead, put full effort into it.  Don’t be a fool, be wise!


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  1. Amen. I always tell everyone that if I were to have the opportunity to go back to school I would focus and study much much more. If you happen to find yourself in a public school setting, study hard as to why things about History and Darwinism that are being taught simply aren’t true and are being used to discourage people from becoming believers in Christ.

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