The world is filled with children. They are precious souls to be nurtured and directed toward their wonderful potential in the world. One of our greatest ministries is our ministry to the children around us. Children, little ones and bigger ones, need parents and adults who will love them, affirm them, and lead them to unlock their potential for good.

We must allow the children to come to us. Jesus’ disciples rebuked the children who attempted to come to him for attention. Jesus insisted that they not keep the children away. Instead, he took them in his arms, gave them attention, prayed for them, and showed them that they mattered to him. Too many children around us are left hungry for the proper attention from adults. Kids need to be talked with, read to, smiled at, hugged, corrected, praised, and attended to so they know that they matter. Let’s be sure that in our own lives we don’t prevent the children from coming to us.

We must learn to give good gifts to our children. Jesus spoke of parents who know how to give good gifts to their children. We often try to give our kids all the things that don’t matter very much. Many kids who get piano lessons, voice lessons, dance classes, sports programs, drama lessons, special academic tutoring, nice clothes, and nice cars are still empty inside for want of the most important gift-PARENTS! Give your children a parent who lives a life of genuine faith while interacting with them. Give your child a parent who plays with them, praises them, and is patient with them. This is the best kind of gift.

If we allow children to come to us and receive the right kind of nurturing attention, we can lead them to become children of God. To be attentive parents and to place their hands securely in the hand of the Master is our ultimate goal. He will then lead them successfully down the road of life.