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Chick-fil-a Controversy

It isn’t often here that we discuss fast food chain restaurants, but today will be an exception.  Chick-fil-a, a chain that is known for being a “Christian” Chicken place, has been at the center of controversy lately.  The story behind the controversy seems innocent enough.  The company is involved in some way with an Art of Marriage Seminar.  This seminar consists of six sessions broadcast online with different organizations providing local hosting for people to watch.  Two groups involved with this seminar are and Pennsylvania Family Institute.  These two groups are the reason for the controversy.

The reason is because both groups have been involved in keeping Pennsylvania from allowing Homosexual Marriage.  Chick-fil-a’s involvement with this seminar, along with these groups, has lead to the accusation that Chick-fil-a is AntiGay.

This seems to be the new way to silent an opponent.  By accusing someone of being “anti” the idea of hatred comes into mind.  It is meant to place them in a negative light and portray them as hate filled individuals.  Interesting enough it is illogical to state that someone is anti-gay by attempting to support activities that will help marriage in our society.  The only thing that can logically be deduced from someone supporting the strengthening of marriage is that they are pro-marriage. Sadly, logic can be lost when you have an agenda to push.

The truth of the matter is if it is anti-gay to stand for a Biblical (and historical) definition of marriage then I guess God-honoring Christians will have to accept that title.  If it is meant by anti-gay that we believe that homosexuality is sinful and should not be practiced, and that those who are practicing must repent, then, again, Christians will have to accept the anti-gay label. However, I tend to believe that what is meant by anti-gay in our society is that in some way Christians have a bigoted attitude toward homosexuals. It is akin to calling someone a racist. This is just not true.  As Christians we pray and work toward the salvation of all men, including homosexuals, but we understand that repentance is required in having a relationship with God.

I don’t like being called anti-gay, but if this is the label that is given someone who stands for the truth, then I will accept the insult.  Jesus was called far worse.



  1. I had rather have someone upset with me but going to heaven then happy with me all the way to hell. EAT MORE CHICKEN!!!!!

  2. Very well said, Wesley.

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