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Wesley sent me a message a few days ago asking me to write on the morality of the movies that were nominated at the Academy Awards. While I don’t have time to cover every movie, I think this is a good idea. Before I cover a few of the top movies though, I’d like to make two suggestions.

First, before watching movies or television shows or before listening to any new hit music, I suggest that Christians should check out This is a site run by Focus on the Family, a denominational Christian group. They evaluate all new movies on the basis of spiritual content, sexual content, language, violence, and drug/alcohol use.
Second, look into buying a Clearplay DVD filtering system ( This is a DVD player that filters out sinful scenes and words according to your preferences.

Having said that, I’d like to examine seven of the ten movies nominated for Best PIcture.

1. Black Swan – I can’t put it any more plainly – DO NOT watch this movie. Homosexuality and other sexual sins are rampant and the movie is filled with profanity. Even if you’re using Clearplay, this movie just isn’t worth watching.

2. The Fighter – Obviously there’s going to be some violence in this, but it’s mainly just boxing. However, the movie is filled with foul language. Plugged In counted more than 150 f-words in addition to numerous other words. The movie also has some sexual content. From what I’ve heard from numerous people, the movie is actually pretty good. For me it sounds like the type of movie I will wait to see on Clearplay.

3. Inception – I know I’m not here to be a movie critic, but I have seen this movie through a Clearplay filter, and it’s brilliant. The biggest downside to this movie is the language, with the names of God and Jesus being misused multiple times. Clearplay does an excellent job of cutting out this language that is used in the film. There is some violence, as quite a few people get shot, but there isn’t anything really graphic. It’s worth seeing, but I would suggest using some kind of system to catch the foul language.



  1. Wesley, where are the other 4 of the movies? it says above 7 of the 10 and there are only 3 here. the only one I have seen is Social Network and would have enjoyed better if I had known about clearplay… it was PG13 and did have some bad language.

  2. Sorry, I included a blurb at the bottom that I would do part 2 on Friday, but I don’t know if Wesley got it. I’ll put up an article about the other 4 movies tomorrow.

  3. Part 2 has been submitted, should be up soon.

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