I’m in California this week with my family so there will only be one post a day this week, but our week theme will be on Goal setting since we are getting close to the New Year and people are thinking about Resolutions to make.

I am a big proponent of self evaluation and goal setting.  At least twice a year (around the New Year and around my Birthday in July) I take the time to evaluate myself and then to set new goals or to reestablish existing goals. Although I do not think people have to set goals or make resolutions, let me suggest three reasons why I do it:

1. The Bible commands us to grow spiritually.  Scriptures tell us that we are to grow in a relationship with God.  It reminds us to evaluate ourselves and to increase or faithfulness.

2. Goals are a highly effective way to accomplish spiritual growth.  Goals are means for us to push ourselves to new heights.  Goals, and resolutions, allow us to have tangible ways to measure our progress.  Although there are some aspects of spiritual growth that cannot be measured very easily, others can be and goals can challenge us to reach new heights.

3. Goals require discipline.  If a goal is worth reaching then it is something that we have to work for, thus good goals teach discipline.  Discipline is where the “rubber meets the road” in the Christian life. Disciplined learned in achieving goals can aid us in perseverance in other areas.

4. Goals help us in the future to evaluate our progression.  Goals let us see if we are making progress in certain areas of our walk with God.  When we know where we are aiming then we can evaluate whether or not we made it.

Why do you think goals are helpful?