Take some time to read the earlier posts by clicking here.  Thus far we have discussed the importance of goal setting, qualities of a good goal, and the need to plan on how you will achieve your goals.  This post is going to focus on what type of goals Christians should set.

When I set goals I do so in categories.  Now these categories should be familiar to you.  I have taken them with disregard to the actual meaning from an important Scripture verse.  Although I do not think this verse is talking about goal setting the four part break down does help me in categorizing my goals.

I attempt to categorize my goals by mind, body, soul, and strength (Christians should know that this is from the command of how we should love God.  The command means that God should be loved with all we have, but as I said I like the breakdown).

Mind:  In this category I set goals in areas that will expand my mind.  For instance I might set goals for number of books read or classes taken.  I also might set goals on learning about certain famous people, events, or eras.  This is usually where I also put goals to better understand certain doctrines and/or books of the Bible more in-depthly.  I also use this section for goals in Greek and Hebrew to make sure that I do not get rusty in either.

Strength:  These are were health and fitness goals go.  In this category I might put exercise goals or weight loss goals or even goals to eat certain types of food.

Soul:  This is where I put what are normally considered spiritual goals (like I have stated before I don’t buy into the sharp distinction between sacred and secular, I believe that all of my goals should serve a sacred i.e. spiritual end).  I might put here reading through the Bible goals.  I might also include here goals for times and types of prayers to be said.  This would also include certain spiritual disciplines.

Heart–I use this for relationships.  Goals here would would center around relationships with my wife, friends, family, and finances.  I also include in this section goals that I have for the work that I am doing. (Although I usually set goals for myself as an individual and myself in the role that I am serving in God’s kingdom).  I would also include goals for this website and the Equip Network here.  Really to be honest this becomes the miscellaneous category.

Well I hope this helps you see areas where you can set goals, I think having some goals in each area is important. How do you organize your goals?