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Goals and Resolutions–Part 5

Now that we have gone through some important prerequisites (read them here) on good Goal setting it is now time to focus on actually setting goals and resolutions. Here are some tips for when we actually set down to write the goals.

1. Pray.  As Christians we want to pray for God to give us wisdom.  Our goals are a tool for us to grow and development as Christians.

2. Evaulate.  Goals begin with self evaluation.  We have to be honest with ourselves about areas that we need to focus on in growth.  Taking some time to write down areas that we need to improve is a good way to start.  When I do this I think through each area of my life (marriage, finances, health, Bible Knowledge, giving, etc…) and then determine where I need to intentionally grow. These are the areas that I will give priority in goal setting.

3. Write down the goals and the action plan to complete the goals.  Goals are best when they are written down.  Often times I will then keep my goal and action plan list somewhere that I can check often to motivate and get myself on track.

4. Edit the goals.  The point of goals is to accomplish something through intentional planning.  However, sometimes we can get excited and set so many goals that we are unable to keep any of them.  After you have evaluated and written down the goals, then you should pray and take another look to make sure what you are promising to do is in fact doable.

5. Share the goals with someone else to help keep you accountable.


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  1. I enjoyed reading this series on goals and resolutions. Dave Ramsey’s quote of the month relates: “The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them.” —Jim Rohn

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