In part one of the series I discussed the reasons I believe Christians should set goals.  You can read that article here.  Now I want to give advice to what makes a good goal.

Setting goals is not of itself a guarantee to successful Christian growth.  Even setting great goals will not insure success, but setting vague or faulty goals will make you even less likely to obtain the results you desire.  When setting goals I think there are a few important principles to remember:

1. Goals need to be measurable.  The point of the goal is to give you a target that you can later evaluate yourself against. If goals are not measurable then there is no way to determine if you reached the goal or not.  For instance you might set as a goal to evangelize more.  How do you measure that?  I guess to a degree you can, but it is a lot more difficult to measure then if your goal was to Ask one person a week to attend Bible Class with you.

2. Goals must be attainable.  Although I think it would be great if we could read the Bible 23 hours a day, I do not think that is a realistic and attainable goal.  We need to set goals that we can realistically reach.

3. Goals much stretch us. The flip-side to attainable goals are goals that stretch us.  We do not want goals that are so easy that it does not challenge us to reach them. Remember our number one goal in goals is to increase our faithfulness to God.

4.  Goals must be something you can control.  Someone might set his/her goal to convert his/her father to the way of Christ.  That is a worthy desire.  However, you cannot control whether or not that person is going to allow the gospel to take root in their heart.  What you can control is the effort you put into it.  Thus your goal can be: to share with my father the gospel.

5. Goals need to be made in with much prayer.  We should not leave God out of our goal setting.  We need His wisdom in selecting appropriate goals.

6. Goals need to be connected with accountablity.  Accountability can be through sharing your goals with others.  You might have a close friend or your wife or even a blog community that you want to share your goals with so they can hold you accountable to reach them.

Anything you would add?