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Keep asking religious questions!

The question was met with silence and boos.  A smile came across her face.  She then replied by saying “thank you for that question” and preceded to answer.  If you follow politics, or happened to catch the Republican Primary Debate, then you know that this was in response to a question asked of Michele Bachmann.  The question had to do with her earlier statements that she “submitted” to her husband in regards to becoming a tax lawyer.  The questioner wanted to know as president would she submit to her husband in areas of national interest.

These religious questions face other candidates as well.  Questions regarding how they view the creation of the world.  Questions regarding evolution.  Questions regarding how specific teachings of Scripture affect their personal and political choices.

Many writers have taken umbrage at this line of questioning.  They are upset that Bachmann would be asked about submission.  Some have charged the questioners with being sexist.  They are upset that conservative candidates have to deal with religious questions. They view this as a media bias.*

However, I’m not one of these writers.  In fact I am the opposite.  I think these are legitimate questions that should be asked candidates.  Let me tell you why.

Religions Affects Your Whole Life

First, the idea that religion** is private is a common assumption in our world.  As the old saying goes you don’t talk about politics and religion.  However, if you take seriously your religion, then it should have an impact on your life.  When one reads the Bible we recognize that Jesus is not asking us to add a little religion to our lives.  Rather, Jesus is demanding absolute allegiance and dedication to Him and His teaching.  This allegiance is seen in all of our lives.  Thus, it by extension affects our political understandings.  Therefore, it is fair that we ask candidates how they apply certain teachings from Scripture.

We need to know what they mean by Christian

Second, the candidates are identifying themselves as Christians in order to receive votes from that community.  If you are going to identify yourself as a Christian and make that a centerpiece to your campaign, then you are fair game to explain what that means.  You need to explain how you understand certain teaches of Scripture and how it would affect your governance.  You can’t claim that my faith impacts my politics and then be upset when someone asks the basic question “how?”

Ask ALL the candidates these questions

I want to know how my candidates religion affects them for good or bad.  I want to know how Mormonism affects Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman.  I want to know how Bachmann understands the “submission” passages.  I want to know how Rick Perry understands Genesis 1.  I also want to know how Barack Obama’s faith influences him.  I want him to be asked tough questions concerning his religious heritage and how/if that affects his public policy.

The only caveat that I would have is that I would hope that they would give the candidates adequate time to give an answer.  Matters of theology are not best understood in soundbites.***

So I ask that the media ask ALL candidates about their faith and then give them proper time to really answer the question.  Better yet I would like to see the candidate preempt the questions and go ahead and deal with the questions they know they will face in an honest way!


*This could very well be the case.  There could be an agenda behind the question, but that is not the scope of this article.

**I’m using this word to refer to a system of faith and in its most positive and historical sense.

***In actuality nothing is really best understood in soundbites, which is why I hate the 2 minute debate stuff!



  1. I agree with you. Christians should never shy away from defending our faith. But the rub is that Christians are supposed to live by a consistent standard: The Bible. The questioners know beforehand what the likely answer will be. These questions are usually asked with the express intention of getting something “embarassing” on record for ammunition. Liberal atheists on the other hand are free to make up there own evasive morally relative answer. But no one claiming to follow Christ should use opponents’ evil motives as a reason to avoid standing for truth.

  2. I have worked actively in conservative politics for many statehouse and senate primaries and elections as well as presidential elections. I have come to understand how many in the political class will use the term “Christian” as a way to garner support from a very large and powerful voting block. While I agree with your premise that we need to ask the tough questions to the candidates of their religious and moral standards, talk is cheap. We as Christians should never take a politician’s word on anything. For the most part, there are many guiding factors that Christians can look to, to help see if the candidate has positions or convictions. Positions change with the wind and popular opinion. Convictions are the hills that we are willing to die on, they are non-negotiable . For example, many presidential candidates have a voting record BEFORE they were running for president. Look to these votes and records as an indicator for where the candidates truly stake their claim. For example, Willard (Mitt) Romney is a Mormon. As a believer and follower of the Mormon faith, I disagree with their theology. However, their doctrine prevents abortions and gay “marriage.” By assuming that Willard is against gay “marriage” and abortion is contrary to his voting record. While Willard was the Governor of the state of Massachusetts, he executed the very first sodomy certificates in the civilization of the United States be issued. He also instituted Romneycare which is a state version of Obamacare that requires a private citizen to purchase a good or product from the government. Under Romneycare, Willard signed into law $50.00 co-pay taxpayer funded abortions. In 2007 when Willard announced his candidacy for POTUS, he had a RECENT conversion to being pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. It isn’t Romney’s set of moral/religious beliefs that trouble me as a voter. It is his inconsistent application of his worldview while making public policy. Voting records don’t lie. Sure politicians can have bad votes and learn from them, but you have to look at their record as a whole. Another factor you can look at is associations. 1 Corinthians 15:33 tells us that bad company corrupts good morals. There is an old saying, if you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas. Rick Perry has in the past ran Al Gore’s state effort in his election bid. Rick Perry in 2008 endorsed Pro-abort and pro-gay “marriage” candidate Rudy Guiliani. There were many who applied their world view consistent with what we would considered biblical in the race at the time. Does this automatically disqualify Perry’s bid for POTUS? No, but it is one determining factor. The bottom line is, Christians must look to the candidates and pick a candidate that filters all legislation through a biblical worldview which is represented in their votes and their associations.

  3. I totally agree with what you are saying. One thing that I am greatly concerned about is our current president Mr. Barak Obama. I am not here to badger him in any way, but I have my opinion. His faith as we learned early on is the muslim faith. Now from what I have heard they believe that the way to get to heaven, is to abolish the american people, to do away with us completely. Well if that is the case then why is he serving as our president? I mean that’s a little scary, because not only will he not elaborate on his religion, but his former records are sealed. We no nothing about the man who has all of our lives, jobs, economy, etc. in his hands. I believe in Christ, and I know he will do his work for those that believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. But it still frightens me to no end, that if what I have herd about the muslim faith is true, then what could happen to our country if he gets another 4 year term?

  4. As we know from The holy bible that God was in the beginning and his word was also in the beginning. So we are confirmed that in the beginning there were no one except God. He created the earth and haven and he also created Satan. So can’t we say that God is playing with us by sending Satan to earth. And Can’t we say that God is The Big Satan and creator of the human and satan.

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