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Master of the Particulars

It is a common phrase amongst Christian people.  I have heard it said in countless sermons.  Used it in conversations.

It is a statement that a totally agree with. It is a statement straight from Scripture.  It is in fact a confession, an oath that each of us take.  It is an essential part of Christianity.


The phrase is:  Jesus is Lord.

Like I said, I agree with the phrase.  It is ESSENTIAL.  What, I don’t like is the flippant way it is used in religious discussions.  I say, flippant, because it seems to be devoid of meaning.

People will say, Jesus is Lord and live in open rebellion to His teachings. It seems that the Lordship of Jesus is simply just another title that he holds.  Another way of praising Him or identifying Him.  All true, but it is so much more.  Jesus is Lord has an impact upon my life. It means that Jesus is MASTER of me.

He is master of my decisions.  He is the master of the my thoughts.  He is the master of my actions.  Not just in theory but in real-life day-to-day living!

Let’s be honest, it is sad to see those who claim that Jesus is Lord, but do not live it.  To not allow Him to truly change their actions, thoughts, and worldview.

Church lets understand that Jesus being Lord in general, means that He is also Master in the particulars of my life.  Submit yourself to the Lord.

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  1. I think we have to continue to remind ourselves that we are always being led. Always. By our pride. By our lust. By our desires. By others. By Christ. By His example. The point I get from your post is to make sure that we strive to make sure God is at the front of it all, to dwindle down the frequency that anything should come before God in our decisions, no matter how large or small they may be. He should be there when we make a purchase, feel anger, watch a movie, talk to your neighbor, work at your job. He should be, in one form or another, at the forefront of every word or deed we take part in.

  2. Wesley

    October 1, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    That is definitely a big part of it. We have to realize that Lordship is not just a big picture thing, but also the driving force of our day-to-day decisions.

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