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New Shame on Planned Parenthood

There was moral outrage this week with the release of a series of videos showing Planned Parenthood Employees describing how to secure abortions, STD tests, and other “services” for underage individuals involved in sex trafficking.  Numerous website and news outlets reported the facts.  Planned Parenthood responded by firing one of the persons involved, and releasing a statement trying to put the videos, in what they felt, was the appropriate context.

The attention was supposed to bring shame upon the organization, hoping to shock the conscience of those watching into an appropriate reaction.  I debated earlier in the week to post the video on this website and join in the campaign of shame. However, I changed my mind when I realized that an organization that is the Nation’s leading provider of abortions is not affected by shame.

If being involved in the death of thousands-upon-thousands of unborn children does not bring shame upon an organization, then 10 minutes of bad press will not.  One abortion should have us so outraged that nothing else would need to be seen or heard for us to be sickened.

Yes, I thought hard about further expanding the shame of Planned Parenthood, but some organizations are just shameless.


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  1. Thanks for the post. One of the most puzzeling to me and horrifying things about America is our consistent support of abortion. And no matter how horrific the facts, we still keep it in the dark and pretend it is not happening. It is as if we have bitten off such a big lie, that there is nothing more to add. You are right…and no concern about shame.

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