I was asked last night by a friend to watch a morning show that would be discussing a new television series.  I had read some about the series and took a few minutes to become more informed.  The series is Skins airing on MTV. The series is getting much attention because of its racy content.  In fact some are wondering if it is not child pornography!

The promotions of the show have centered around sexual encounters between teenagers. According to the interview, which I watched this morning, the show is supposed to be a teaching tool to help teenagers work through the complex issues that they face.  Notice that the interviewee from MTV did not say the show was simply entertainment, but rather he felt it would influence the thinking and actions of teenagers and young adults.

Look this is not the first questionable show to come on television and it will not be the last.  But it is a reminder that we live in an impure world and we must be vigilant to keep ourselves and our families pure.  MTV hopes that they can deal with issues of sexuality, sexual orientation, and other topics.  They want to be teaching teens and young adults on these topics.  From interviews, reading about the British version, and just the promotional content it seems their teaching is going to influence teens to be comfortable exploring their sexuality in sinful ways.

The question for us is how to do we remain pure (and keep our kids pure) in an impure world:

1.  We have to choose to.  I know this is an obvious answer, but until we resolve that we are going to remain pure than we have no hope.  Just going along with the flow in our world will not lead to purity.  We have to conscientiously decide that we will not follow that path.

2. Parents have to be parents.  God has given you responsibility over your child and you will be judged concerning that stewardship.  Auto-pilot parenting is not good parenting.  Your teens have access to all sorts of technologies, how are you monitoring them?  How are you limiting their exposure to sinful influences? Have you thought about what they are watching online, in front of the TV, or listening to on the radio?

3. The Older have to teach the Younger.  Titus gives an example of how a church should function.  In chapter 2 he gives examples of the older teaching the younger.  Older women are to teach the young women, amongst other things, how to be pure.  Young men are to be taught to have self-control.

4. We need accountability.  For those still in their parents house accountability should be what the parents are providing.  However, purity is not just a teenage thing and I’m confident that more than just teens are being influenced by a sexually reprobate society.  From Early Christian writing we read of a tradition that fellow Christians would make promises to each other, each week, to stay sexual pure.  These promises come with accountability.  Who is helping you become sexual pure?

5. Stop watching these shows! MTV is showing Skins because they are confident it will be watched and they will make money.  Sadly, they are probably right as other morally questionable shows have made money for them in the past and continue to make money.  That means that people are allowing themselves to be influenced by this garbage.  As long as we will buy, they will sale, and as long as we are buying we will be influenced!