Since the passing of Steve Jobs yesterday many sources have used the opportunity to share snippets of his life.  The best, by most accounts, is the speech Jobs gave at Stanford.  The Speech was an outline of his life into three stories.

The first story was the story of a mother giving up her child.  I’m not going to speculate on the reasons, that information might be out there, but I haven’t seen it.  But for whatever reason the mother gave him up.

He was then adopted by a family after first being rejected by another who wanted a girl. No one knows how the life of Steve Jobs could have been different if not for these two acts.

We know that if his mom would have chosen abortion that we would not have Steve Jobs, as we know him.  It is also likely that if the couple who were offered him would have rejected him that things could have turned out different as well.

This story just reminded me of the power and beauty of adoption.  It reminded me of the many children who want to grow up in homes.  I have no doubt that children can grow up in less than ideal environments and still become productive citizens and faithful Christians.  However, I trust in God’s plan of a man and a woman raising up children in a supportive home.  God’s way is always best.  I hope that the story of Steve Jobs will push people to consider adopting, not because you might have the next Steve Jobs, but because as Christians we should care for the plight of the orphans in our midst.

Steve’s parents also remind me of the love of God.  I’m sure they were not perfect parents, because no parents are, and no one can know their motives for adopting.  However, God adopts each one of us by his love.  We are not chosen by our gender, race, and any other attribute.  Rather we are chosen by the love of God.

Steve Jobs will leave a legacy as a man who was an innovator, businessman, and dreamer.  Many are indebted to him for the products that we use.  However, I also hope we remember the legacy of his parents.  A man and a woman who welcomed a child into their home.