My message this morning, asked the question: What if heaven is real?  My point was to show that the reality of heaven should change the way we live on earth today.  (And yes I believe heaven is real).  I painted in broad strokes the themes of John 14-17 to show what Jesus taught the apostles after telling them of heaven (John 14:1-6).  Specifically I focused on three areas:

1. Would you love your fellow Christians more? Christian love should cost us something, we should be willing to lie down our lives for one another (this also means we should be willing to give of our time and energy).  Second Christian love is tangible.  We do not just love in thought, but in DEED!

2. Would you seek to be radically unified?  The church too often is divided along the same lines that we see in the world.  Within a single church there are too many “sub-groups” that set up walls.  There is nothing wrong with sub-groups.  There is nothing wrong with being friends with those who are like you (in age, kids, etc…).  There is something wrong with these groups building “walls” and not showing the world that in Christ age and race and social status truly are eliminated.  Christians need to remember that what the world says divides us is nothing compared to what unites us!

3. Would you appreciate the truth revealed by the Spirit more?  The Spirit of Truth was sent when Jesus went to heaven. The Spirit was to bring to remembrance all that Jesus did and taught and to reveal everything else  that Jesus wanted the apostles to know.  This fact should lead us to appreciate  more the message passed down to us.

My hope was to get people to realize that heaven is used in the teaching of Jesus as more than just simply the place we are waiting to go, but rather as motivation for a changed life.

So, if heaven is real, how would you change your life?