Tonight’s sermon was in combination with this mornings lesson (You can read my reflections here concerning that).   Tonight’s title was What if hell is real?  The whole point was to see how would we live differently if we truly believed in hell (By the way I believe both heaven and hell are real).  The sermon was a study through how Jesus teaching on hell in the gospel of Matthew deters the disciples (and us) from certain actions.  I dealt specifically with these points, under the main idea What If hell is real?

1. Would you control your emotions better? Jesus connects the sin of lust and explosive anger with hell.  Warning those individuals to deal with those sins in a serious way, so not to face hell’s judgment.

2. Would you fear God more than man?  Fear of man I believe is a root sin (a sin that leads to other sinful practices).  Jesus knew this.  That is why He reminds us that only God condemns to hell.

3.  Would you forgive radically?  Radical forgiveness entails forgiving completely.  It means not bringing up the action at at opportune time.  It means not holding a grudge.  It means forgiving the same action by the same person on numerous occasions.

4. Would you make sure your life did not hinder others? Jesus spoke of not creating stumbling blocks for “little ones” (I believe this is referring to young Christians). If one does He needs to understand the consequences. He also connects leaders who teach falsely both guilty of hell themselves and of carrying others with them.

5. Would you prepare for the afterlife?  Jesus speaks of hell in Matthew 24 and 25 as a means to show us what happens when He comes back.  He wants us to prepare.  He wants us to know that Hell is real and we need to prepare ourselves to not go there.

So, what if hell is real,  How would you live differently?